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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Potential Tropical Cyclone 16 FORMS from 99L off SE Coast... Weather Begins Tomorrow for Carolinas/VA Forming in Real Time


Wind Probs near landfall.
Further up the road depending on track

IF this happens can impact many places.

Will start a new blog for this as it evolves today.  Check back this afternoon.  My laptop if weird, rebooting or just gonna use the new one. Point today is that this is evolving in real time as I said it might yesterday in the blog. The way Winter Storms evolve in NC in real time. Currently it is not tropical but it may become Subtropical and then Tropical. 

(note written earlier at 10 AM)
NHC went with Potential Tropical Cyclone
Keep reading

Invest 99L forms off SE Coast.
Remember this is very early modeling.

Waiting for the rest of the models to post.
99L lifts North towards NC/VA
Question is does it keep going towards Mid ATL


NHC being NHC
Ppl grumbling.... 
30% in the next 2 days?
Or are they handing this off to NWS
NHC refers to it as "this low"
Gotta be a lot of discussion there currently.

Earthnull looks good.
Rapidly evolving

I'll update soon.
Actually just woke up 
Couldn't fall asleep....
...and then I did

No time for sleep today!

Back soon...Stay tuned...

to be continued


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