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Thursday, June 22, 2023

TD 4 Becomes TS Cindy (say it like Sin-dee) NHC Now Tracking 2 Tropical Storms in June That Cruised Thru MDR. Now What??

And then there were 2... in June 2023

Tonight's discussion keeps it a Tropical Storm ...
....bit too soon for me to believe anything.
But it's got a lot of struggling to do in a dry environment.
Shear... time will tell.

There are things we see and things we hear about upgrades and it was fairly obvious that TD 4 is getting an upgrade to Cindy at 11. A simple trip to any site will show you the satellite names have already been changed.  

Went to check it out on satellite imagery.
Things like this ripple across Twitter.
Tho it's always been that way..

Also an ASCAT managed to find TD4 aka Cindy 
Note it couldn't find Bret ... missed it twice.
NHC discussion mentions the ASCAT pass..

Most recent models.

As for Bret it's currently IN the Islands.

Still Westbound at 18 MPH
60 MPH

As the sun went down.... there the were.
Cindy smaller than Bret
But making records.

Stay tuned.
Make a plan for Hurricane Season.
It's been a bit funky.
Who knows what happens next.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather..Instagram wxr and whatever ;)


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