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Friday, June 23, 2023

Update 8 PM Saga of Bret & Cindy - Never Stop Watching Waves.... 2023 Hurricane Season

Both storms were 50 MPH today.

Bret not falling apart yet but forecast to.

Cindy forecast to be a player if it survives.

So many Ifs... because it's June.

cindy trying... 

Will be back Saturday evening...
 we'll see what we see!

Have a good weekend!


Bret found interesting ways to survive last night.

First it did this...
2 red dot like eyes.
Half a rain shield. did this.
I didn't fall asleep.......

A ball of convection jumped out towards the center.
Bret moved faster (played leapfrog)

You can see the shear is near the center.
Naked exposed center doing fan dances...

The oddness of Bret is that it has always done something to stay aive. Nothing lives forever... but once all shriveled up and looking shrimpy it grapped onto moisture behind it from the wave that was huge, large, wet and moist and pulled that moisture in as if it found a gas station in the desert and took as much gas as it could get. And, Bret rebuilt and continued West. Wave behind it looked paltry, messy and then it slowly rebuilt a small shadow of it's huge girth and became Cindy. Now we have two who refuse to accept the date on the calendar.

2 Tropical Storms.

My favorite graphic of the day.
Bret on the left.
Cindy on the right.
Wind Probs Map.

Bret has 60 MPH winds and BM 1001
Cindy has 45 MPH winds and BM 1005


Being honest, models show Bret moving Westbound it's remnants fanning out to the WNW and other models show it trying to stay alive long enough to get into the Pacific. NHC has Bret unraveling finally in the Caribbean a victim of shear.........dry air... El Nino blowing hard. I'm just gonna watch the Bret Staying Alive Show until it's all over. As for Cindy I don't want to show models as I really am not sure they are reading it well as it's a very small storm and I'll wait a run or two to see what I believe. It's forecast to move WNW more NW up into the ocean... as was Bret but with Cindy we can see what's trying to grab it.

I'll proof this later and adding a song now.
They may be small but they exist.
For June "too soon" that's impressive.
Rare year with low shear, low dust and warm water.
Mother Nature is trying it's hardest here.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm Twitter and Instagram


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