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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Updated 10% Off Florida - Quick Blog on Tropics. Far Side of the World Mawar Does Guam - Fronts Parade Across the USA Still... Coastal Low Set Up for Memorial Day. Storm Chasers Excited, Tourists Not So Much. Ps African Wave Eye Candy...

2 PM NHC hoisted the 10% Yellow Flag...

As I said on Twitter the other day when they were about to take the Yellow Circle away, it just was being relocated at some point... obviously closer to Florida. Atmosphere around Florida right now is crazy, wild storms everywhere and off the Central/North coast of Florida is the beginning of what should become a "non-tropical low" according to the NHC that will ruin some of the weekend beach going weather in the Carolinas at the very least, at the most it could develop some... 

Further to the right is a long shot tropical wave.......

Close up it looks a bit like Pac Man.
I'll update at 8 PM if anything is added by the NHC.
As I said...nasty weather moving up towards Carolinas.

Stay tuned...

busy news day.
Loved Tina Turner... 
... probably learned to dance watching her dance..

To be fair there was a lot of ballet and tap lessons too ;)


Short blog today!

The collage above pretty much says it all. Nothing expected to happen as of 8 AM this morning as the NHC map has no yellow circles. A purple splotch, as I call them, off the Carolinas with an enticing shade of blue thrown in for dramatic measure highlights our area that will create weather issues for Memorial Day Weekend. A blob coming off of Texas AGAIN and we have to wonder how long it'll take before one of these blobs sparks the start of the hurricane season? Those are the 2 most favorable areas in June (and early May) Gulf of Mexico close in and the Atlantic off the SE coast. Oh and there is a beautiful, bright, red tropical wave coming off of Africa like a meteor about to burn out in the cooler waters of the Eastern Atlantic. One will eventually spark something more than a flash in the pan vigorous wave. 

I do warn you though....
.... down the road a 2nd purple splotch appears.
Clinging to beautiful Jax beach...
Watching cares drive on the beach at Daytona.
It'll run up the coast...coastal low.
Don't obsess but remember it's there...
..and I mentioned it.

Since I never saw a map I didn't like....'s an old school map for ya.
Memorial Day Weekend has rain on the menu.
A Low off the SE Coast.
Another front pushing down.... if it thinks it's almost April not June.
(love the fronts, keep em coming)

Yes, this will be a short blog this morning as I sit here cross legged with the laptop in my lap and the window wide open. TWC is on mute and I can hear distant traffic somewhere with birds quietly chirping and the woodpecker new to our woods is apparently, currently bothering someone else. Gotta love and bless the beauty of a cool morning in late May. Cantore looks good in the blue tie, but I digress and yet it's a good morning to digress and take care of somethings on my To Do List as there is nothing nearby happening in the tropics. As for Guam it's been hit by a Typhoon, the season has begun in a viseral way in the Pacific. So take this time to take note of what you may need to take on the hurricane season or just live in denial. The choice is yours but trust me when the tuna is gone and the only thing left on the shelf at Publix is canned oysters you may have wished you bought a few jars of peanut butter and some graham cracker cookies!

Bless those cold fronts.
The water is still cool....
...tho warm out in the Atlantic (hmnn)
Enjoy the cool days in late May.
Summer is on the way.

Eventually, like the Hurricane Season.

For now lower your expectations, but never be surprised by pop up tropical activity in home grown regions along the coast somewhere.... anywhere.... because when something pops up and "surprises" us as in out performs models it's almost always home grown, close in and in our faces or on our beaches. With Memorial Day Weekend coming up and the official start of the Hurricane Season people watch the forecast worried on rain, unless they are storm chasers in which case they know they will have the beach to themselves!

Memorial Day Weekend may be a washout in the SE weather wise, but for weather lovers who enjoy rain, wind and waves. Storm chasers though will flock to the stormy, dark beaches enjoying it all. If it rains by you, go to the Mall and stimulate the economy some (Lord knows it needs it) or watch a movie! 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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Far Side of the where the tropics is at today.


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