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Monday, May 15, 2023

NHC Live with Tropical Outlooks Daily Now... Hurricane Season begins June 1st BUT....Start of the TWO to Many of Us Kicks Off the Season. Prepare NOW Rather Than Later...


No new tropical cyclones expected......
...during the next 7 days.
7 not 5 days.
Times they be a changing....

Clearly, if something pops up suddenly somewhere this can and will change, but as of now at 8 AM on Monday morning May 15th there are no new tropical cyclones expected! 

Lots to say but short on time as it's my last full day in Miami where I've enjoyed some nice quality time with my children and some grandchildren while watching palms sway, clouds build up high into the sky and enjoying a random colorful sunrise and severeal sunsets. Hashtag Miami Life is a thing, especially when living downtown in the Brickell area where eveything is just a few blocks away. Wake up and need something you forgot to pack, run over to Whole Foods or CVS. Coffee shops are everywhere (a family favorite is Crema on Flagler Street)  and you can do an early morning or late afternoon walk on the river walk area where dogs with lucky lives are living the good life as joggers jog around them on their way somewhere else down the path with a view. 

Nuff said on Miami life, you either have been here or have illusions from movies that show what they are selling. It's a tropical climate, unlike the rest of the state of Florida to the North of the Lake, and people here are aware of it's hurricane history. Old timers are aware, it only takes one to give you a crash course in how to survive a hurricane. New comers are always a worry here in the South Florida area as what they think  they know of a hurricane in New York City or Atlanta is not what we get when they make landfall in South Florida; it's a totally different beast!

That's why hurricane preparation is pushed nonstop by the NHC and the local National Weather Service as newcomers to the area from Ukraine, Israel, Sweden, Germany and Montana have no idea what to do to prepare or evacuate from a landfalling or even a sideswiping hurricane! Tropical Storms can stall and flood the area way worse than the random 25 inches of rain did in FLL last month and how to deal with a huge Tarzan like ficus tree that fell down blocking your way out of your house is hard to explain unless you've been there. Feel free to Google "downed ficus trees hurricane Miami" you'll get an idea...

As for the satellite view.
There's a blob near Texas again....
An area in the Bahamas is ripe but shear....
There's a drop of potential but not expected.
Fronts off shore.
Waves coming off of Africa low.

It's May not late July.
But a beautiful May.

This is the link to the image of the page above. When you scroll down the text explains how this system works if you are new to Hurricane County and you like to be ahead of the game infomation wise. 

I'm leaving a video here from Jim Williams of HurricaneCity fame who made a short, easy to listen to video with his season predictions for areas most likely to be impacted, reminding you that even if you are not mentioned you should still prepare as if you are expecting a hurricane. Trust me that's the best advice anyone can give you. Don't believe Click Bait that promises you a quiet El Nino season or that tells you that you have a low chance this season for a landfalling hurricane in your area. 

If you're reading this from any of the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas or the US coastline from Texas to Maine know that you can get a hurricane in any year that will rearrange your property if you are lucky and could do way worse than damaging some fruit trees. Inland far from the coast you can have Inland Flooding so if you are new to the area ask an old timer what a real hurricane is like or more so ask "so what hurricane do you remember in this area that was bad" and they will talk for 20 minutes, listen to them!

Knowledge is power!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram weather and whatever!

Ps again Miami is not LA
Florida is not California.
Enjoy it...but learn our dangers!


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