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Monday, May 22, 2023

Low of Some Kind Off SE Coast... Unidentified Low like an Atmospheric UFO Hmnnn. Wild Fires, Meteors, Sun Storms Going Into Memorial Day Weekend. Hmnn

8 AM hasn't come out.. 
..I woke up early.
I'll update if anything changes.
...Oh's updated now!
No big changes.
NHC has been steady as it goes lately.
Love that.

Still 10% "yeah we see it" but not yet at 7:42 AM!

Radar this morning has a bit of spin.
Gonna watch that for love of spin!

When signs in the tropics are conflicting.
I look at this graphic often.

A kind of complicated set up...
...but there is a L off the Carolinas.
Currently closer to Florida... 

Strong signature on Earthnull.

Otherwise... I'm in a mood.

When my daughter was little I used to sing her the song "Good Morning Starshine" and no I wasn't a hippy, though she ended up kind of a New Age Hippy so becareful what songs you sing to kids when they are little.  In truth I just loved the soundtrack to the musical HAIR by the same director that did Jesus Christ Superstar. I did drama when young, some of you may know that and my head is an audio visual library of show tunes. 

I love weather and all forms of Earth Science from meteorology to geology to space weather. I read a child's book when I was small that should have been rated at least PG if not R about Volcanoes when and Mt. Etna scared the hell out of me... all those bodies lying frozen in time covered in ash. My gosh, what was that Children's Library thinking? But, honestly it took me down that road and I'm still fascinated by earthquakes, volcanoes and solar flares, explosions and all those things that go bump in the night.

Yes, I'm a bit all over the place this morning but in a way that's making me happy. I spoke to one of my oldest friends from high school last night for probably 3 hours at least on the phone. We used to stay up all night talking til we fell asleep at dawn, sometimes you just connect to people in a way that never goes away if you know what I mean. Possibly 4 hours....... to fair she's blind now and can't text so every phone call goes long with her giggling loudly and me feeling like I'm 15 giggling along. Remember when we all talked on the phone in stead of typing on it or using it as a camera? I do love texting and I do love taking pics but just ironic we rarely talk on it.

Meteors falling to earth like a scene out of Starman!

Leaving the video below Thor made recently, he's great to follow especially if you like weather, geological news, meteors and well he can be ecclectic yet he does weave it all together into a patchwork that flows both musically and amusingly in numerous ways. He covers that exploding meteor lighting up the sky incredibly well! He sings well too! 

So good morning starshine, the earth says hello... 

Love of Earth Sciences is a mystical magical tour through thunderstorms, solar storms and tropical storms. Ride em like Neptune... that's my advice, enjoy the magic and beauty. Focus on the way the morning sunlight is lighting up the wet leaves on the Maple Tree from a late night shower after a fairly intense sunrise for Raleigh that seems to have some smoke in the air somewhere from a fire miles away in Canada; the smoke caught up in the JetStream diving acrobatically across America wherever the atmsopheric rivers takes it. Wonder what happens if Saharan Dust meets the smoke from the Canadian fires.... but I digress! 

Have a great day!

Thor Video:

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

Ps.... posting the song from the Movie that stuck in my mind for years... because I love waking up and watching the skies, the sun and the moon. YouTube is an odd place, it starts playing things you never looked for and it seems like every other music video it plays songs for me from Evita. I may listen to that soundtrack when I'm in a mood and I'm often in a mood. What do you listen to you when you're in a mood? 


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