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Sunday, November 13, 2022

NHC SAYS: Nothing For 5 Days.... Snow Flirts With Parts of the South. Cold Fronts Dive ...then go stagnant. Rain on the Horizon - Thanksgiving On My Mind


The take away here is that you can see cold fronts marching across the East Coast, with cold air diving down to the Florida Georgia Line...that  means the Carolinas get cool weather. Snow is flirting with parts of the South, parts of Texas? West Virginia (nearby) and probably a dusting in the Carolina mountains somewhere. Just seeing it that close makes my heart beat fast in a totally good way!

There's a convection convention in the SW Carib.
Prime Spot this time of year.

It's there. Not much to worry about up here.

A front draped across the Florida Panhandle.

There's our ambitous front.
The problem with November fronts is...
..they go all flat over Florida eventually.
Moisture, messy weather ends up in the GOM

That's thunderstorms.
They form at the end of a dead front.

And the front is delivering COLDER AIR.
A week of cold air in the Carolinas.

Last night the GFS provided this little teasing dose of snowflakes for moving closer on the models than we will probably see here in this part of North Carolina, but still it makes me smile and like all early season GFS runs that promise hurricanes or snow it's a sign of the times.

A front went through this morning, the sky is a color I can't describe other than it's blue. Like some blue shade in an eyeshadow palette that everyone buys but is afraid to use because it's sooo blue. There's just something about the color blue as it provides peace, calm and intensityif it's the right shade. So blue.. the sun so bright, a slight breeze (okay it looks stronger than a slight breeze) and I'm happy because I love the change of the seasons.  Don't get me wrong I love Miami and most parts of Florida, but growing up nothing much happened other than an occasional hurricane but here in the Carolinas we get all 4 seasons and if you add in pollen and hurricane season there are actually six seasons! For the easily bored person (like me) it's awesome, hard to get too restless when you know the weather will change soon enough!

Yes! Snow in the mountains!!
What begins up in the mountains....
..eventually ends up down in the Piedmont.

So I'm going out and going to do some things, pick up some things and relax a bit as ther is nothing happening in the tropics but I am marking the march of time and Starbucks is selling Winter and I might just get a frappe today because it's still too warm to get a latte! 

How early is too early to decorate for Chanukah??
Good question.
Light up your life.
Find a drink you like.........
.... a sweater that keeps you warm.
I bought Winter Teas on Friday!
I took down my winter clothes to go through...
... you can feel it in the cripser air up here!

Donate to people in need after Ian and Nicole.

Time is a moving.......

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... once upon a time I had a friend who passed away in November on Thanksgiving. Yes, really not stealing a scene from a novel it's true. After the pumpkin pie was served and my best friend and I sat in a parking lot kind of numb nibbling on BBQ Potato Chips and Diet Dr. Pepper. Wasn't easy but life does go on. He loved Enya and I happen to have some of his Enya CDs which always usher in winter to me though he  loved Orinico Flow. 

Choose the song you like today.
I think I owe ya all some.

No it doesn't depress me.
Makes me remember good times.
We made side dishes together often.
Fun times, few people always make you smile.


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