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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Freeze Frost Line All the Way into Deep South - Florida Exempt! Tropics Quiet Still But... Could Be a Punctuation Down the Road to the END. Time Will Tell.

That's cold baby!
Frost Freeze line.
Stops at Florida Georgia Line.
Deep into the heart of Texas.
Calender says November....
...temperatures feel like December.

Tell me it feels like Winter without telling me...

Winter Sites Prime Time on Spaghetti Models.
Cantore chasing snow a week after Nicole!

Not a lot of moisture in that last front in the Carolinas.
But was a very wintry scene and watched the front slide in.

We were in Charlotte the last few days and I don't believe I blogged but that's because Charlotte is somehow like Miami, it's always a nonstop action trip vs Raleigh where I settle down and take things slower. We drove some back roads on the way back to avoid Rush Hour Traffic.. and stop in one of our favorite spots.  If you ever want to go somewhere that has that "oh look it's a mountain" feel to it without going far and you're in this area you can try the Uwharrie National Forests or anywhere near the mountain range. They are very picturesque off in the distance, especially on yesterday watching the cloud layers from the most recent cold front sliding down across the South. Googling them I found out they were once one of the largest mountains that eroded down with time and that was interesting. They are always pretty when driving through that part of North Carolina, an easier drive than out to Asheville and so pointing this out. On a cold gray day it feels a bit like you're Out West somewhere and as I did live somewhere 'Out West' I know what that feels like.

Nothing tropical to add. There is moisture down in the EPAC near the coast but no yellow circles, and models have hinted as something forming deep down and then backing off faster than a Texas Two Step. Listen I love the Winter here as the leaves on the trees finally disapeer and you can see the beauty of their structure and the shades of sunset peeking through what usually is hidden by our head treescape scenery.

They are pretty like this.... 
... no two trees are exactly the same.
Shape form and design.
And I can see the sky!

Have a wonderful day!
Besos BobbiStorm
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