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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Winter Storm Poses Questions. Snow or ICE or Sleet or Freezing Rain or Just Rain? Warm Nose? What Is a Warm Nose. Hold My Coffee & I'll Update on Thursday


This basically is a hold my coffee post!
I want a Pistachio Latte badly!
I'm still waiting on Thursday.
Thursday we get a better handle on this Storm
Til then it's all speculation, hype and rambling dreams.

Modern Art, by Winter of 2022!

Could this get any more complicated and confusing? It looks like Mother Nature sent us the Abominal Snowman to play with our minds by way of the models. The truth is we are not sure what is going to happen other than we are having one interesting, messy, intense Winter Storm event that will impact the South (as well as other areas we are totally ignoring here in my blog) that may seriously deliver to some cities in it's path snow, freezing rain, sleet and rain and in what order and for how long these fall we are not yet sure yet.  There's the issue of the "warm nose" which to me sounds like a sweet ole hound dog out on the deck with his warm nose pressed up against a cold sliding glass door breathing heavy! But that warm nose really complicates things, as does the whole CAD issue of cold air daming and exactly where and when?

Again remember it's still in the Pacific.

Oh and it has friends........

Another look at the complicated forecast...

Lasagna Storm for the Carolinas.
Layers of winter weather.
Makes for a crunchy storm...
..and dangerous travel.

As always elevation matters!!
Mtns get snow faster than Raleigh.
Charlotte... Ice or Snow?
South Carolina????
Atlanta is in it now too!!

Also this goes up the coast!
Wild winds offshore Mid Atlantic.
NY NJ Long Island
Again it's still over the Pacific!

Miller A or Miller B
Or does this storm throw the game book out totally!

Official NOAA forecast for Sunday.
That's a lot of isobars and Raleigh ... kind of squished in the middle!

So honestly hold my coffee and/or buy me some LOL and on Thursday I'll give my thoughts after watching mid-day models. I'm watching it carefully and discussing it with experts that I respect who know Winter Weather better than I do, however after living here over a decade I've come to understand why it's so complicated and often a day out meteorologists are not sure where the dividing line will be between snow, sleet and freezing rain (ice) and more often than not that "line" crosses Raleigh. I prefer doing tropical weather but I do love me a good winter storm so ... I'll be back with new data and when it's come together and is more solid.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram ...whatever ;)


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