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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Winter Storm MLK Weekend 2022. What Will the Storm Deliver? It's Complicated......


Eric Webb above.
Allan Huffman below.

I'm under the D in Allan's map above.
He will update again tomorrow.

It's hard to explain to relatives back home in Florida what type of Winter Storm we are going to have, if models stay the same between now and Sunday. From past experience here something always changes. Either way it's never a cut and dry set up and the only way I can explain it's complicated!

Any variation in the strength of the CAD vs the Warm Nose and add in timing (night temperatures are colder obviously) and the track itself of the Low and whether or not it makes some odd sort of retrograding dance step before heading North to create more winter weather misunderstandings in the Mid Atlantic.

What I am not discussing here tonight, but will tomorrow is the huge wind maker of a storm off of the East Coast that will batter Cape Cod and other areas that stick out into the Atlantic begging Mother Nature to hit them with her best shot!

Our Winter Storm... Upper Left Corner.
Atlantic Storm the Atlantic ;)

Obviously Iowa and places to the NW of the Carolinas (and Georgia) will be getting clobbered as this storm finally makes it's move dipping SE until it pulls back North again. Does that mean at some point it's as if the storm runs us over and then backs up and moves back over us again? 


I ordered some water, that I needed anyway, so I have a case of FIJI water in the living room after I pushed it into the apartment after the Amazon driver carried it upstairs. Gosh I do love Amazon. I needed it anyway, as supplies have been sparse in favorite items before the threat of bad weather I stocked up. I have eggs and i have plant milk in the pantry so other than bread that I rarely use as it's so carb heavy ... I'll buy some because it's a Winter Storm so apparently I don't really need to be Paleo this weekend! I do have Challah Rolls for Shabbos so really I'm set. I also have a stack of magazines to read, books and assorted genealogy notes I can go through should I lose power, but I really hope I don't lose power. Note it's important to charge every battery pack you have for your phone if you don't have a generator!

Parts of South Carolina and North Carolina are going to deal with ICE and not just a glazing. Someone wins the snow battle and usually thats the areas with the most elevation (height matters in this case) and how much will the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico feed into this battle of the bands of winter weather?

Stay tuned.

I'm inured myself to not getting hyped up and yet I enjoy a little hype.  I've accepted that the local weather people and NWS try their best to stay on top of any changes and in Raleigh we usually get a mutltiude of frozen weather of some kind, usually not the kind we want. But sometimes.........we win the lotto!

Time will tell.
I'm going to sleep.

Yes, I do love living up here for many reasons. I still love Miami and lots of other places but the chance of having tropical weather and winter weather is a neat treat!

Sweet Tropical Snowy Dreams, 
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... there's tropical energy involved in this as the system develops a long tail and moisture feeds it from the South while Cold air dives down into a complicated mess.


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