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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Claudette Does the Carolinas.............. Waves Off of Africa Looking Good


The rain is falling as I type this, steady, heavy but not real wind as of yet. Just heavy rain on Father's Day Sunday in Raleigh North Carolina. The track takes it across North Carolina from the back side and there is some discussion it could be a Tropical Storm again as it approaches the ocean. Danny did that in 1997. Danny is the next name up. Time will tell.

Danny Boy NEVER gets retired.........
...maybe this time?
NWS Raleigh changed their forecast.
Always put on the "changed" mode that shows in red.

Weather does evolve in real time....
...some possible chance of WIND.
We'll see... in real time.

As for me... watching Africa.
Maybe something close in pops up again.

Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful day!

Sweet Tropical Dreams
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