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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Life Goes On In the Tropics Quiet Today... Give it 5 Days or So... Hurricane History... Late September Storms... Where Do They Form??


To be honest I started to write the blog this morning and got waylaid by things that came up so here I am this afternoon, and hey nothing much has changed as the tropics are quiet today. Teddy's long wake signature across the Atlantic remains, fadding, ebbing slowly fading away and moisture from the Caribbean is still being drawn up into the remnants of Beta as it tracks slowly across the South bringing rain here, there and everywhere. The region above is the area where most of us are watching for development to occur down the road, over the next few days more models will show signs of development. Some models have been consistent and others nervous about jumping on the Caribbean bandwagon too soon I suppose. One way or the other, it should happen. Of course, always watch for close up POP UP storms.

I know I sound like a broken record. But every year the tropics go quiet and take a breather at some point before they ramp up again in October. Just for "fun" I decided to look for a late September system on Google totally randomly as an exercise and this is the one that came up below. BAMN! Pin the head on the Caribbean system way back in 1917. Most storms were in the Caribbean, but I thought a bit of Hurricane History would be a good idea here today so read up on this fascinating late September storm that developed where we are looking now for development in a few days or so.

Where do you think it made landfall?
I'm not showing you. You can read it in that link there.

It was a relatively quiet season or more "normal" slow but the truth is whether it's busy or whether it's slow CLIMO kicks in because that's the way the world works. Whether we are ready for Fall or not, leaves up north begin to turn and in South Florida we begin to noticed snow birds flying on on Jetblue and Southwest. Odd to me as a child growing up in Miami that a seemingly dead tree "Up North" begins to show life again on cue in the Spring.  I actually love the Winter when trees are bare and you can see the sky through them and each unique shape is beautiful and the truth is each tree is like a person and unique in it's own way. Nothing as pretty to me as a winter sky except snowflakes falling through it the winter sky on me. Well it's a tie with being at the beach as a hurricane is making landfall, sea foam, wind whipping and everyone waiting for the arrival of the much awaited storm.

Back to the Hurricane Season... please watch the video below. I do believe we will see tropical action soon, because that's the way of the world........even in slower seasons.

A video is linked here and you can view it here or on Twitter.

Here's a picture from the video.

And a link to the video is above... 

Below is a song. 
A nice song.
A good song.
It's also the way of the world.
Life goes on...

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... enjoy the song.

Choose your video ;)

Oh you thought it was going to be the video about the cute Reverand?
The nice family, sweet kid...and daughter R something?
With the TV show? 
Nah... but same saying... life goes on.
Oh come on... I don't like to be that predictable


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