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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Updated New Yellow Circle. Low Riding Tropical Wave - Invest 94L - Yellow Circle Off the SE Coast... Huge Low Anchored Over Tennessee Again. Use the Time to Shop For What You Will Need for Hurricane Season. Remember the Dollar Store is Your Friend.

NHC 10% Yellow Circle on Tropical Wave.
That nice wave we've been watching.
Expected to move towards South America.
Trinidad and Tobago.
Though parts of that energy keep going.
Remember that.

Satelite images below.

Quote from NHC below regarding low riding wave.

Something to watch for sure.

Models for Invest 94L below.
Worth noting it's very wet, cold and rainy here.
I love it personally.

Invset 94L 
Some watches out for Flooding.

Check out that cold front.
Dipping far down for June.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Whole Tropical Atlantic right there.
Small spin near the SE coast with 10% yellow.
Waves moving West....
...huge moisture train from the Caribbean.
Everything being cranked up by the Low..
...over Tennessee.

So short look at the tropics today.
Long look at Spaghetti Models.
Because it's got a nice radar for you to watch.
As well as other sites to familiarze yourself with... there are no named storms today.

So I do have some thoughts on this set up.
It's repetitive.
Bugs me.
2012 like in ways.
And we know how that ended.

You cannot dismiss the repetitiveness in the pattern.

So have a great day.
Shop til you drop ...if you got the money.
If not make a list for things to buy.
When you can....
Use the Dollar Store wiseley.
It's your friend.
Amazon if that's your thing.
Prepare for 2020 Hurricane Season.

As for me going to enjoy the rain...
...and cool temperatures while I got em.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps Tropics kind of in limbo.
A good time to shop for surplies.
By me they are still limiting people in stores.
That would make a real long line come July.
Looking for Dolly still.
Next storm up on our list.


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