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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tropics Talk on Tropical Waves. Models. Still Watching Home Grown ... Remember Models Change They Ain't Necessarily So.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Let's look at the wide view.
I like wide views to get perspective.
Close up views for details.
Yes nice wave in the Atlantic.
Dolly is up there hard to find. 

TWC satellite up anove. down below.

NHC has yet to put up a yellow circle.
Yet there are other sources to watch.

So I chose 2 squares from
They go together well.
Top one shows how ready the water is for a good wave.
The bottom one shows tropical possibilities.
Purple splotches are often better than yellow circles.
Close in area near Texas I spoke on two days ago.
And the strong, fast swiming African wave.

I may not live and die by the models.
But dirty little secret...
...I will watch them at 3 AM when I can't sleep.
They may put me to sleep.
All blurs together a bit.

How to watch a model.

Current dressed in beige and corals.
Way too much white on the map for me.
Saharan Dust lighting up the sunset.
Cloaking the sun.

Then several days from now.
Oh look! Blues coming back in below.

Down the distant GFS road.
An impossibly fast moving system.
Goes splish splash back to it's favorite spot.

The EURO shows nothing...
...tho it does show enhanced convection there.

Time will tell.

Bottom Line:
For now what's out there?
2 strong, fast moving tropical waves.
Coming to a closed theater in our part of the world.
If movies are closed there's always satellite imagery

What don't tell you above SAL?
It doesn't eliminate tropical waves.
It separates fhe men from the boys.

The wave train keeps rolling.

Oh and below we have the EPAC
Manny Moe and no wait that's the Pep Boys.
Larry Moe and Curly.

Count a week from a named storm in the EPAC.
Something should form in the Atlantic.
We are poite early on we take turns.

Are you polite?
Or do you go after what you want....
Do you wait your turn?
Do you want it NOW?'
Just  wondering at 3 AM.

So remember as to the NHC main page.
It ain't necessarily so.
Because... things pop up often this year.
Faster in the Atlantic than the EPAC
And yes La Nina is doing stretching exercises.

Much love and Sweet Tropical Dreams.

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps Since we have the GFS and the EURO.
Two versions of the same song.

It's the same song.
Choose your crooner.


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