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Monday, June 29, 2020

Tropic Watch. Waiting For the Flip to Switch & The Real Hurricane Season Begins. Whatcha All Doing For the 4th of July?

Officially 2 Yellow Circles.
Not ready for prime time yet.

Area off East Coast actually interesting.
But not exciting.

Wave train doing it's thing.

Wide view below.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

So there's the set up.
Not much going on.
Good week for a cruiise.
Well...if it wasn't 2020.
So let's look at the MIMIC.

Be aware the water is very hot close in to Florida.
Luckily (or not) there's a strong High there in place.
Purple spot off the East Coast.
The Invest does not have one.
A Low forms off the Carolinas in the 3 Day.
If you click on this gride below....'ll see shear, SAL and vorticity.

There's so much to say today and nothing to say about the way the tropics look today. In advance of the real part of the Hurricane Season there is this set up that takes place where things actually get into place. Behind the scenes on stage there are props and the stage is set carefully for the actors to walk on stage and say their lines. If Harold decides to smoke a cigar in his favorite chair while spouting out his views on life there needs to be a chair and an ashtray for Harold to use. If a tap dancer is going to use a cane suddenly it needs to be somewhere on the stage for him to gray and if a girl wants to slam the door well...there's gotta be a door there to slam. 

So we are in set up stage and when you have watched the satellite loops as long as I have then you see the signs appearing that signal the start of the real Hurricane Season not so far away, but for the next couple of days we watch and we wait and we go about life planning our July 4th Weekend. The beaches are closed in South Florida area and as much as I'd like to do down there it ain't happening this year. I'm wondering if the Country Club across the street is still going to shoot off fireworks or should I just pretend? That kind of year I know.

As for me I'm working on a few projects, keeping busy, looping and enjoying the flow of discussion on the tropics with my friends online. Stay safe, stay happy and keep smiling.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter for mostly weather and Instagram for whatever.

Ps... Think it's an Alan Jackson Day. Hope Mike is talking today as I know he had a vacation planned...  well deserved.


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