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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Updated for Dolly -SAL Becomes a Star on Social Media. After SAL Comes Hurricanes. So Enjoy SAL For Now... 10 Things You Need to Know About SAL

So the NHC did that.
Not forecast to be here much longer.
Because 2020 ....
My feelings on this one below.

Next name EDOUARD   
Read notes from earlier if you haven't.

* * *

Let's get this out of the way fast.
Subtropical Depression #4
Does it become Dolly?
Sure hope not, a waste of a good name.

Let's break this image above down.
The small circle in the North Atlantic is FOUR
To the left is a huge cane like feature over Texas.
It's spinning a bit like a LandCane.
Kicking up the weather something wild.
And a new Wave leaves Africa.
Yes, despite the dust they keep rolling off.

And then there is the Saharan Dust.

This is the official link for watching Saharan Dust and Tropical Waves that both depart Africa headed towards our side of the world.

Some things over time become repititive and now that we have social media things become repititive ad nauseum as after a while you just think "oh another article on the dust" and scroll on and yet what upsets me is the headlines and Click Bait doesn't tell the whole story. And, in truth in 2020 we are still trying to learn more about African Dust aka Saharan Dust aka SAL. Oh, and it's not really news other than it just traveled across the Atlantic and that's kind of like telling someone in Miami that a plane just left JFK headed for FLL because anyone who knows travel knows people fly into the Miami area these days via the flights going into Ft Lauderdale International Airport that actually is in Hollywood but I digress it's just a detail.

But I always say the devil is in the details so know sometimes the DUST moves in different directions l ike some old school lava lamp being repetititve but different, each time a bit more unique. Fun to watch and great for pictures if you are lucky enough to have it hover over your house that might be on a lake facing West somewhere in South Florida.

SAL has a great Press Agent.
Because it's not all coral, gold and bronze colors.
I have seen the Miami area like this ....
...but they don't put that pic in the travel brochures.

True facts about Saharan Dust.

1.  Pretty Sunsets
2.  Cloaking Gray Haze laying over the city making it seem like a surreal scene in a movie.
3. Tropical Sunsets
4.  Asthma and other related respiratory diseases are on the rise and people warned to stay inside.
5.  Car Washes make a fortune as cars become covered in a gritty, grimy, sandy residue.
6.  What begins in Africa doesn't stay in Africa.
7.  Studies show it helps nourish the plant life in the Sargasso Sea.
8.  Fertilzes soil in the Amazon and Caribbean.
9.  It may be a contributor to fish kills and the Red Tide
10. Every Newspaper outlet, TV station and Social Media site will talk on Saharan Dust.

All of the above are true. And, it's bugging me but years ago they didn't call it Saharan Dust and I wish Dave Barry wrote a story on it; maybe he wrote one and I haven't found it yet. I'm sure he made jokes because before the rest of the world made it a phenomenon it was pretty much a local news story.

A nice travel blog well written with good information, pictures and not a long read so worth reading.

Good Tweet above.
Shows it's not all pretty sunsets on Instagram.

So yes article after article about the Saharan Dust but in a way it should get some play time because the dust covering your nice white sports car in Miami came all the way from Africa. That in itself is pretty cool if you ask me. I remember as a child my father didn't think it was so cool when he'd look down at the car and scream, "I told you not to write your name on the car everywhere I drive around town and people are going to see that" to which I smiled and giggled inwardly and note he didn't say he was going to have to go wash the car because he didn't do car washes often. Then my mother yelled out "I told you not to go outside because the dust will make you sick" and I'd think "it''s not dust it's sand" and then came Hurricane Season.

It's kind of that simple. First comes Saharan Dust and then those same global wind patterns bring us Hurricanes.

And the studies go on and on as we learn so many intersting things about how one factor from far away that travels across the ocean to a different continent nourishing or hindering the environment there. Think of those grains of sand like a microsycopic coconut bobbing across the surf from one island to another and years later a beautiful coconut tree stands strong swaying in the tropical breeze!

So remember those same trade winds that brought you pretty sunsets, dirty cars and possibly kept you inside more than the virus did ...........will also bring you tropical weather!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram


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Just learned so much more about what makes it up . Esp the reds.


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