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Friday, May 22, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend. No Named Storms. Many Restrictions Lifted So Many Will Be Headed to the Beaches. Model Discussion for Down the Road ... Maybe System off of Florida Again or in the GOM/Carib.

Wow it looks like a CAT 3!
But it's just an illusion.
Nothing really there.
Words matter more than a picture it seems!

Love this loop. Just the intensity, the color.
One of many loops we love to loop.

There was a song years back by a band that a friend of mine loved. It's one of those songs you can't remember who sang it ... unless you Google it. So I did. They used it in commercials and on TV shows so it all blurs together. But they nailed that process....

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

North Carolina, for example, begins Phase 2 today and beaches, restaurants are opening with various restrictions. A friend told me she's gonna stay inside, or maybe go somewhere she can eat outside. Time will tell on that one as she loves to get out and about and eat out. Everyone has to make a decision suddenly do I stay or do I go? Oh wait...that might be another song. Been a busy Friday for me as I woke up late, started to cook, cleaned, reorganize the kitchen cabinets and Lord kows what I'll do next. But I took a few minutes to look at the models to see if anything is going to develop; basically for entertainment purposes these days we run the models. This far out they really show you where something could form and that IS valuable information. Wednesday they showed something over Miami Beach down near the Florida Straits headed NE in a week or more, then on Thursday it was further to the South moving NE far South of Miami Beach and today there's a model showing a big storm in the Upper Gulf of Mexico. What do you do when this happens? You laugh, you smile, you nod and share the images and wait for something to really come together. Oh...wait... "Come Together" is another song.

So here's a few models for down the road. What do I think? I think that by the official start of the Hurricane Season we will be tracking something. Will it be a wave or Low Pressure System forming or a Depression or Storm? Not sure yet, but I can't make up my mind which eye shadow to buy when it's on sale like today so just gonna let it go and check back Saturday Night. I like the Cool Beachy Pallette but the Metal Chicks one is "oh my gosh" more dramatic and the case is purple. Hmnnn ...thank you Google for reminding what I didn't buy on Wednesday or Thursday or this morning after Estee Lauder sent me a reminder I was looking at it. Google is more pushy than Alexa if you ask me.

Proceed with caution and know they will change every day in some way until something actually stops hiding and shows it's face. What the models show is that pressures lower in the area to the NE of Hispaniola and something hangs out East of Florida. When you have high pressure to the North this time of year with this set up it's common for something to try and develop. The reality of something crossing over from the EPAC into the Caribbean has happened (it's not unprecented) but it rarely plays out the way is hinted at in one model.

Have a great weekend.
It's Summer unofficially this weekend.
In the Carolinas that means...hit the beach.
Redecorate. Get the sandals out.
Should your mask match your eye make up ...
...or shoes or outfit?
So many questions.
I know what's on my to do list.
But, I'm not telling!

As for guys who feel funny about the masks.
I know, some of you hate them.
Don't wanna wear them... 
I always thought a guy looked sexy with a mask on!
Brings attention to your eyes ;)
Just saying.....

Have a safe, happy and fun Memorial Day Weekend.
I'll update if there is anything to talk about.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

@bobbistorm on @Twitter and Instagram.

Ps.. Since moving up here Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite spots to be, to visit, to spend the night or just to run away to on any given day but especially in the summer when everyone hits the beach. Okay, some people go up to the mountains but I'm a beach girl so... it's Wrightsville Beach, or Atlantic Beach or Ocean Isle Beach if not in the mood to drive that far to Myrtle Beach. Usually we stay at the Patricia Grande that is conveniently located like three blocks from the Chabad House and it has a Starbucks inside and across the street there is a huge Starbucks and Ice Cream Place. Not going yet, but eventually we will. The sun is out today, blue skies ..sunshine and expecting severe storms later this afternoon. 

Check it out... great location. Short drive to Broadway on the Beach or the Boardwalk or whatever it's called. 

Long read written in February when nothing Tropical was going on but it seems we spent the night in Myrtle Beach... any time, any day of the year is fine. 


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