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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

LandCane Causing Flooding, Stuck for Now... Amping up the Flooding Rains. Tropics Show Signs Down the Tropical Road

Listened to Mike today talking bout this...
...and trust me I can listen to Mike talk.
He talks more than me!
Love it.

And on a semi quiet day like today.
I can do a short blog and be a bit silly.

Ironic huh?
Arthur was kind.
The Cut Off Low is destructive.
Irony of weather.
Fear the tropical storms...
...then a flash flood washes you away.
And this trapped, stuck cut off low.
Is amping up rain and flooding.
Often what unsticks these things... worse than what made it stick.
Yes, I said that.
In an oddly good mood today.
So these are my thoughts.

Classic tweet by Cranky.

We got a long way to go ...
....before the next storm.
But things are out there we are watching.

DaBuh is watching my wave too.
Okay he probably thinks it's his way.
We do get very possessive on our waves!

Westbound and down...
And lifted enough to make us go "oh wow"

That wave is flaring up there, turning red.
Yeah wind blowing at it.
But it just keeps going.
Also there's an area in the Caribbean.
You got to listen to a bit.
Sit back and relax and watch things change.

Really wish this song was Westbound ...
...but it works.
You gotta watch those waves....
... this is a season to be prepared.

Sometimes you get those waves that are way early...
...people want to dismiss them.
But sometimes they do what they say.....
....can't be done.
Well usually ya know.

Keep watching!

So gonna leave you with this thought.
La Nina may be coming on this Hurricane Season.
And 2020 is a year not to laugh off.
So hope you're preparing.

You want my list?
Coca Cola or Pepsi .. 
Dr. Pepper in case I need some medicine.
And lots of water and oh wait.
All the stuff I bought for the Corona Virus.
If you buy Corona ... get some limes.
And pick up the tequilla.

Hurricane Season 2020 
Coming at you faster than you want.
So buckle up and prepare!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Why don't we name hurricanes after movie characters?
Like the Bandit for the B storm ;)


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