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Sunday, March 01, 2020

Meteorological Spring. Hurricane Season 3 Months Away. Super Tuesday. Maps Music and the Coronavirus

Blue skies and sunshine.
Note the grass is very green.
Because it's been generally warm.
Generally wet with lots of rain.
So we are leaping into Spring today.
Meteorological Spring that is... 
I'm going out while the sun is shining.
And while the getting is good ;)

Putting up this loop to think on...
Mike has it on

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

Usually I show it during the Hurricane Season.
The Hurricane Season is now 3 months away.

Interesting water temperature map.
I still believe the Season will begin early.
I believe it could be a close in season again.
But we can talk about that down the road.
Today it's about Super Tuesday....

Weather discussion regarding Super Tuesday?

Map from article below...

That's a lot of states and mostly in the South though the most delegates come from California so keep that in mind. Last night Biden won the South Carolina Primary and although he won, he is said to have the smallest amount of money currently, but does money matter when you are coming off a big win in the first state that is truly representative of a good part of the country and you were the Vice President? I know, long run on sentence but with everything going on the world .... frankly I don't care. 

So it's the once thought to be weak Vice President against the rich guy who has commercials running nonstop before every show in those states above (North Carolina included) vs Bernie who has excited minions going to rallies across the country. Oh and don't forget Pete, Amy and Warren (why does no one call her Elizabeth?) who are also running so let's just see where this goes and where we stand Wednesday Morning. Could weather be a factor? In some places it may. It especially could be a problem in Texas and some other places. How much people love a candidate or dislike another may make a difference in turn out. I grew up in politics, my degree in International Relations was a migration from Political Science to the INR degree so now you know the rest of the story. Yes, I do love maps.

Speaking of maps.
Good thing Super Tuesday is this week.
While America is still in the... bird seat regarding the Virus.

I know again with the maps......
The map above is from the site linked below.
Go for it if you like to obsess....

As I have an ear worm stuck in my head and I'm trying to dislodge it... here's a song. Wouldn't it be nice if Superman could just come and save the day?

Speaking of old white men.....
Sorry but ya know....
...who you be voting for on Super Tuesday?

Will we find out if money can or can't buy Mike love?
Only time will tell.....

I'm going out.
Going out in the sunshine while I can.

Have a Super March 1st!!!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps.... Who will be #1 on Wednesday Morning?
Seems in SC money couldn't buy love.
How bout the rest of the nation?

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