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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

As we Sail Into April ... Inspiring Stories, Looking Back at How We Roared Back AFTER the Spanish Flu in the Roaring 20s.

As we all watch the hospital ship sail into NYC Harbor.
We are all in awe of this larger than life drama going on.
Both in our personal lives and collective lives.
The size and scope of this shows in this picture.
That's a huge ship... a huge hospital.

Trying to post every day as we get closer to the Hurricane Season and to be honest it kind of saves my sanity to write every day. My brother, the author, says I need to proofread more. I know, he's right, but this is my off season when few read the blog and I think of it more like an online diary. I'll try to be more on top of that proofreading and trying to be more uplifting rather than depressing as we work our way through this part of 2020 when quarantining is all the rage today. Rage really isn't a popular word anymore that I think on that but it was all the rage in the 1920s that were much more fun if you were a flapper and danced til dawn.

For those of you not as much into the history of the Roaring 20s as I have always been and unaware of the social demographic issues that led up to this raucous period infamous for young kids climbing flagpoles, swallowing gold fish and girls raising their skirts and bobbing their hair up and so let me explain it to this way... they were exhaling, reacting, breathing and having fun after the hard times of World War 1 where sons, brothers and lovers marched off to war and then tragically on their way home many of those soldiers died on ships from the Spanish Flu. It wasn't the happiest of times and when the flu ebbed away and a short term 2 year mini depression from the after effects of WW1 and the Pandemic wore off people bounced back as they always do with a dizzying array of changes that impacted music, fashion and travel and the world was never the same. The Model T Ford led to people wanting to travel further from home and the hospitality business opened up road side "motels" and the US government began for the first time to really give people paid vacations and Americans hit the road looking for Tin Can Motels and a beach somewhere with pretty girls and handsome guys looking to have fun again.

Many students of history are wondering on the parallels and this graph is from the link below that discusses it in more detail than I am here today. Note even Wikipedia mentions the Spanish Flu as one hard time that people endured before the 1920s really began to roar with music, laughter and jazz.

I'm out of bananas and I don't see any in my future unless I break down and get some from the store so ... this song so resonated with me. I'm guessing it resonates with many here as well.

Nuff said on the Roaring 20s for now, but there are parallels, because people do tend to bounce back in the same way the England did after theaters were open again and life, literature and theater went on again. I read online that Shakespeare wrote the play King Lear during a plague. I'll have to run that past Snopes to see if it's true or very early urban legend!

Next I wanted to show a video that is so inspiring and shows how even a tragic, deadly pandemic can bring the best out in people just trying to help make a difference for someone in need. I read about this last Saturday in the local paper that did a beautiful uplifting story and been meaning to mention it online. Seems the movement has gone viral (good use of that term) and spread to other cities so it shows you that good deeds can spread fast too!

That is so beautiful and I suggest you share that video with someone who feels down, depressed and hopeless and that pretty much describes most of us at some point of our day when reading about people in need of prayer or who have died. I'm really trying to balance my time between prayer and taking time to breathe, refresh my mind and soul and then I go back to praying with friends in Crown Heights and Florida who are in prayer groups for relatives. You gotta do what you gotta do and if my allergies weren't an issue I'd take a long walk along the golf course across the street and stare in wonder at the flowers in bloom ... but the pollen wouldn't be good for my system so I probably won't.  A friend and distant cousin posted this beautiful picture the other day in honor of the medical and public service people who are risking their lives to help us all.

That says it all for Raleigh, North Carolina.

Another uplifting story I read recently is below.
I also read it this past Saturday.

A pop up sort of place to help the homeless.
Let people take showers.. 
...cut their hair.
Uplift their spirit.
It uplifted mine.

People are trying to help...
... not easy.
I worked as a librarian.
Some of our nicest patrons were the homeless.
They hung out reading, going online.
Librarians get to know them well.

Often patrons don't appreciate them as much... the librarians do.

Lastly a few pictures of how we are all doing.
Doing as in surviving and thriving emotionally.
While staying home or isolating.

Key West NWS is awesome to follow.
As is another NWS on the opposite side of the USA

There's a close up of their forecast drawing.

Speaking of crayons I love color.
I love make up because I'm coloring.
That's what I told my friend Chana yesterday.
She lives in Israel.
She's a Make Up Artist... weddings, parties.
Not a lot of work these days ... she tries to cheer us up online.
Playfully doing cute, fun things.

You can follow her on Instagram.
She's one of my daughter's best friends.
Kind of a child from another mother.

More from Instagram land.
My daughter-in-law shared it.
Sharing it here as well... 

My daughter in New York is an artist.
She lives in Airmont.
Luckily a big yard with some woods.
Watching, teaching her son and painting.
She pretty much paints everything she can .. 

That's my girl.

@dinadeedesign on Instagram.

So beautiful, she's an awesome artist.
Continuing the family artistic tradition...
...both her grandmothers were artists!

I prefer holding her and laughing with her.
But in isolation I'm enjoying her feed on Instagram.

My son graduated from FIU Architecture school.
He knows that lab well... 
Finally putting it to a great use.
They are making masks with the 3D printers.

Even the My Pillow Man is doing his part...
...they are making masks.
I complain about the constant commercials on TWC
And CNN and MSNBC and FOX.
But I applaud his part in helping.
So many are stepping up helping.
Focus on the good!

I'm not buying his pillow.
A friend I trust didn't like them.
But who needs new sheets these days?
The world could use masks.
I do believe masks are helpful.
Time will tell if the CDC gets around to it.

A lot of us are watching the Cuomo brothers.
Gov. Cuomo refered to him this morning as his ..
Best Friend.
Chris tested positive today...
My kids have been enjoying their online chats.
My kids have siblings...they can appreciate it!

I watched this episode with my best friend in real time.
Last week, we were chatting on the phone watching.
She's in North Miami Beach I'm in Raleigh.
We used to watch TWC this way ..really.
In real time she realized they were brothers.
Seriously. she didn't know.
She watches TWC more than the news.
It was funny, loved hearing her laugh.
And she laughed and she laughed.
Last night they argued over tomato sauce.
More cheerful than the daily press briefing.
Siblings gotta love them..
... even when we drive each other crazy.

Sadly at this morning's press conference going on now...
...Gov. Cuomo is speaking on his brother Chris.
Chris tested positive today for Covid-19....
Many people are and no he didn't look sick last night.
Prayers go out to him.
Social Distancing from the basement... 

And HUMOR is GOOD... 
This is going around.
Many of you have seen it I'm sure.

My granddaughter posted it on Instagram.
I'm blonde...took me a few minutes.

Good to have a sense of humor....
... a love of art, music and literature.

Stay well.
Wash your hands.
Stay inside.

Be a part of the solution not the problem.

That's my life for March 31st, 2019.

Oh and April is pretty much cancelled.
I'm guessing it's gonna be a crazy April Fool's Day.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

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