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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Earthquakes.... Volcanoes.... Fires and a Winter in the Carolinas that feels like Spring but That is Forecast to Change Soon...

My last post featured a PR Earthquake.
A week or so later... still going strong.

Most recent earthquake information 

And the beat goes on but the beat seems to be a nonstop heartbeat of earthquakes as if to remind us that they are not dying down or going away and the heartbreak of the trauma continues for the people of Puerto Rico who after trying to put life back together after a historic hurricane disaster now are dealing with one earthquake after another on a daily basis. Why are they are having so many earthquakes? They are at the juncture of the plates and prone to earthquakes yet we don't hear of them too often; Haiti often steals the show where earthquakes are concerned. Many people want to help, there's a link below to a story and as always works if you don't have a charity you know and trust in the area.

On the other side of the world in an area also prone to tropical cyclones they are experiencing earthquakes and a live volcano as well. At least there's no volcano blowing in Puerto Rico..

I have a friend in the Philippines that works for Chabad and while not right by the volcano they suffered a tremendous amount of ash and schools were closed and life is not very normal. Normally I watch when cyclones track towards them but this January it all seems to be about geology and the earth itself trembling. Often in far away places Chabad acts as an Embassy of sorts of travelers in the region when something bad happens and they need help fast; especially so with Israelis who enjoy traveling and hiking through that area but just people in need in general.

Not much to talk on weather wise regarding the tropics. There have been some models that try and form a low pressure area over warm tropical waters but when it gets more real and if it gets more real I'll show those models. For now it's winter and we are going from one extreme to another this winter with way too many warm days in between. Well in Raleigh it's not that cold but in South Florida it's been warm way too often this winter but that is par for the course. I love winter weather but even without it the cooler days, air and seasons make me happy in North Carolina. Much talk on a lack of a Polar Vortex but it seems Mother Earth finds a way to move the air around, in an absence of any real PV up there where it should be there's talk this feature in the NW will sling shot some cold Arctic Air down across much of the US.

And there's always a Ps isn't there?
But putting it here vs down below.

Maybe we shouldn't be too upset that we are having a quiet Winter seeing how from the fires in Australia to daily earthquakes in Puerto Rico and a sudden volcano in the Philippines.

If you want to donate to Puerto Rico this is a charity I know well. Find one you trust and know has experience in the area and prayers couldn't hurt. Heartbreaking what they have gone through and they are continuing to go through with a multitude of aftershocks... and some talk that this could mean an even larger quake in the near future.

I'll be back when I'm back and when I have something to say...

Take care ...til then and stay safe... enjoy what cooler temperatures we have and if you are lucky enough to get some snow... throw a snowball for me!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... really how much can one island take... please give what you can and or pass around links to organizations that are on the ground and can help fastest.


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