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Saturday, November 16, 2019

NHC Yellow X In Mid Atlantic As Carolina Coastal Low... Tropical Storm Force Winds... Surf... Highway 12 Closed.

Doing a Saturday Night blog here... admire and record the wildness of this system.
Not the NHC Yellow Circle down it's SE..
...but the Coastal Low kicking up our weather.
Kicking up our surf.
Closing down Highway 12.

What's most interesting here is ...
The step stair look to these areas.
Been this way for a while.
Note how the coastal low..
...tries to close off.
Before it gets picked up and carried Up North..
Along the coast.
When this unnamed system is gone.
The price tag it leaves behind locally will be heavy.

Been really windy in Raleigh this weekend.
Raleigh is not known for wind.
But because there's a coastal low...
...out on the coast.
The whole area is under it's influence.
I sat by the window watching the pines.
Pines sway back and forth in the breeze.
And it was breezy.
Okay the tops of the pines sway... feathers in the wind.
The strong trunk holds tight.
Fun to watch... 

The system is covered well by Cranky.
He did a blog with lots of images.
To explain what is going on.

I was watching Earthnull while reading so...
... fun to see his thoughts on what I was looking at.

Dabuh weighing in... we are all watching.
But I'm listening to the wind...
coming in from far away by the coast.

A tweet showing the coastal impacts.

The actual image below.
Incredible and true.
OBX has been in the flow all year.
Seems like winter will keep it flowing.

Thanks for the info.

So much info and data online.
Listening to the wind.... 
....while looping.

OH and the NHC put a Yellow circle up.
Out in the Atlantic.
Far away... not our coastal low.
And not expected to develop...

Somewhere in that grid maybe....
something could try and develop.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Follow me there for quick thoughts...
..or discussion in real time.

Ps.. I'm a huge fan of Morehead.
Love it there.
Turn the sound up... 
...listen to the wind.

NWS offices locally are awesome.


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