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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Arctic Air Plunges South Promising Winter... Tropics Try to Catch Our Attention. Thoughts on Weather and Why We Love to Talk About it!.

My daughter sent me those pictures.
She's not on Twitter.
Instagram and Snapchat ya know.

Kind of nice I raised her right.
Good to notice the beauty around you.

A little bit of history here.
Phil Klotzbach is the King of Facts.
Hurricane Facts that is...
It's a good reminder to remember.
It's not over til it's over.
Even if you're wishing on snow.
I ignored talking on the tropics the last few days.
I've seen people show models.
I've been asked what's up with that...
Models model .... we watch for verification.
We have low expectations.

I saw a little bit of snow today.
I'm talking a few flakes.
I keep my expectations low there too!
Some sleet pellets bouncing on cars.
Melting slowly.
The temperatures are dropping.
And now the front is moving away.
The sun is peeking through the pines.

As for that Coastal Low that's forming.
Off the Carolina coast.
Wise comments from Wes...
... my favorite local weather source.
Weather is all about timing.

We are between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
November land.

I woke up to the sound of rain falling, steady and I smiled knowing that the much talked about cold front had really arrived and things were changing fast. There is a small sliver of a chance that a few wayward snow flakes or pellets of sleet may be mixed in with the rain as it waves goodbye and the Arctic air rushes through . . . I'm not holding my breath, but I am smiling because the truth is I really do love weather. I love everything about weather and the broader field of Earth Science in a geeky sort of way that's hard to explain. The fact that one day you could be driving with the top down on the car and then you wake up realizing one blanket may not be enough and the heat has turned on and something is happening. I love the way the atmosphere flows, the ocean currents work and not to forget how the earth creaks along earthquake fault lines. So putting this up here at the top as an admission of awe in how the seasons work, the world turns and meteors fall from the sky.

It's this time of year I'll admit I follow Allan's every tweet as he is in this area and he is an expert in weather as well as Carolina weather.

The Weather Channel calls this Winter Storm Caleb, the 3rd they have named this year. That's cute. I have a little brother who used to name the goldfish that kept dying, it seemed odd but hey live and let live if they want to name them then okay.... I just prefer to call it Winter, one big mess of time when there is a chance that something might happen. That's how I feel about the Hurricane Season, and yes the endless heat of a South Florida year can be exhausting but then Hurricane Season comes and there is this chance... that the trees may shake, the wind will blow steady and palms will sway and some trees with harder barks may break apart. The excitement as a child of preparing for a hurricane is much like a Winter Weather Warning in North Carolina for Ice as everyone hits the store. Fair weather I admit is beautiful for a few days but who wants to live with that forever? Not me anyway. Not if I have the chance to see wind or rain or snow.

(I'll even take sleet!)

Unless you have ever been in a real hurricane in a safe spot without your house falling apart able to look out and watch the world suddenly gone crazy you can't really imagine, movies do not do it justice but if you want an idea watch the Hurricane Man series where Josh aka iCyclone brings the experience to you safely so you can see the power of a wild hurricane. If you have never been outside in a semi sheltered spot recording the data, taking video or photos or just watching in awe of the power of Mother Nature when it's not a fair day than it's hard to really explain. It's one of those "you had to be there" and I have obviously both with friends chasing or hiding by the window my mother told me to stay away from when little or with my brother in a sheltered spot as the wind changed directions watching small trees, branches, roof tiles and aluminum siding go flying down the street like a scene in an old time cartoon.

There are two types of people in the world, those that are satisfied to let someone else deal with that or just watch it from afar online and those who want to see what it's like for themselves. Those who need to see it will drive miles across multiple states looking for tornadoes or fly off to be in a town that is forecast to get snow to show his daughter and her friend what it's like to be in snow because they are Florida girls who don't regularly see snow. I'll add here a great prize for being on the honor roll despite being very involved in extra curricular activities as they balance school work and sports team adventures and again adventures is the name of the game here. So Mike, from Spaghetti Models fame, is in Tennessee with his daughter and one of her close friends experiencing snow and sharing that with friends who follow him during the Hurricane Season and beyond. Personally.... I think he should take on the Northern Lights one of these days but for now watching the snow falling on empty white hammocks near the creek flowing and the wind blowing enough to make the hammocks sway a bit in the wind while the snow flakes keep falling and blowing by is beautiful. A link is below to that scene and I'm sure he will be on later today to watch the kids playing in the snow and Mike is one of the biggest kids himself so happy for him and them and me watching the rain falling and the snow/ice line move a bit closer to Raleigh and if I get even 20 minutes of sleet falling I'll be a very happy camper.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

So let's talk tropics here.... the reason I am showing this is to show you what is really going on vs the hype I've seen here and there online. Post a model and everyone loves you... or they make fun of you. But this is a blog that really was dedicated originally to tropical weather so talking on what people are talking on and people are talking on late season westbound tropical waves and it's interesting that they are strong looking but strong looking in November doesn't make a tropical storm. And rain in November doesn't make snow......... so this is what is going on in the tropics Tuesday, November 12th!

Tweet from yesterday.
But it explains what people have been talking about.
While wondering on the tropics this week.

When talking tropics in November with a strong cold front on the move making it's way down deep into tropical waters I like to weigh in on the side of official sites vs the hype that goes on online as people hungrily chase that last chance of a named storm before the Hurricane Season is officially over on November 30th, though there have been named storms in December but very rarely. The above is a 3 day forecast and you can see my cold front cruising through with another one on it's tail and then on the last frame everything kind of goes flat and it goes "flat" over warm tropical water. There has been consistent chatter that a low of some form... forms and rides up the coast a bit and it could become a subtropical storm worthy of a name if the NHC wants to play the game still so ... for now it's just something to keep an eye on as I would not rule it out.

The Second thing to look at in the tropics, yes I said second, is in the distant Atlantic as one of those late season westbound tropical waves has a sliver of a chance of getting some brief attention as models and meteorologists calculate the odds that something might want to develop. I'm pretty sure I'll get a few pellets of sleet in the wind in Raleigh, faster than it gets a name but it's part of the game and we are watching.... 

Obviously this is a long term losing battle.
But hey my mother kept sending my father... Somethings Fishy
(Yes that was the store's name) buy my baby brother more gold fish.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Being honest in that I'm wishing on snow...
...even a twenty minutes worth falling from the sky.
Than any named storms to form.
But I'll let you know if anything changes.

 I'm glued to my window or out on the balcony.
Watching the wintry air move through.
And hoping to see something in the air...
...other than raindrops.

clt_None_anim.gif (768×496)

I'll update later today as needed.
If needed.
If I am in the mood.

May y'all be in a great mood today.
And if the weather you want to see isn't near...
...go find it and look it in the eye.
Smile, give it a handshake.
And knock that off your bucket list!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to watch a hurricane safely.
You know where to go.
@icyclone on Twitter

Gotta love Dolly Parton...
...and people who know how to live.
Do what they love.


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