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Friday, March 02, 2018

Winter Storm More Like a Winter Hurricane. A WIND Event on Par with a Strong Tropical Storm. Trees Down, Power Outages and Travel Misery and Confusion. Update on Parkland and Life in Florida. I'm in the Miami Area for Purim

Weather on the rampage in many parts of the country today. What some don't understand is that this is much more of a wind event in some places than a blizzard with a foot of snow. When people don't see snow in the winter they think it's not really a huge weather event. Wrong...when snow is a no show in the winter time but winds are sustained at 69 MPH you are dealing with wind as strong as a Tropical Storm about to go Hurricane. Oh and there are wind chills involved obviously beyond trees falling on your homes, cars and businesses.  Sustained winds in the 50 and 60 MPH range from the Carolinas to Maine creates havoc in your front yard when the huge maple tree topples over onto your car or your flights are cancelled. And even if you are in Miami far from Washington DC your plane has most likely not arrived as it's stuck somewhere else and it's not landing today in the middle of this current winter storm. It's all about the wind...........

These are wind speeds NOT temperatures!

Again read the small print from the NWS

It basically says "shelter in place"

Look at the warning from the NWS in the DC area. You can go online and check out your favorite city and see how bad it is there specifically. Different cities have different concerns. My Raleigh Weather Apps keep sending me warnings for possible power outages far from the main impact of this storm further to the North.

Look at the wind sites online.

Many places are dealing with different weather.
Many weather warnings are up...

Yes, the wind is very whooshy and dangerous out there with or without snow flakes falling.

As for me I'm in Sunny South Florida with my family down here enjoying some various Meyer Family Milestones and hanging out with my best friend Malka for Purim where we dressed up and partied last night at her daughter and son-in-law's Chabad of Miami Lakes also servicing St. Thomas University. Making happy memories in the Miami area.

Below is me and Malka dressed up in costume.
Appreciating the happy moments in life.

With much going on in the world it's important to enjoy the happy times with those you love. Give charity, do good deeds and be grateful and aware of the good things in your life! Hug them tighter, tell them you love them and do acts of kindness together!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps It's always good to give Charity and am asking anyone reading this to think on giving money to this worthwhile cause. Around the rest of the country the Parkland Story may have faded into the past but here in South Florida where many students injured are recovering, many are still traumatized as they go back to school and there are groups here working on the ground to make a difference daily. Chabad in Parkland has been one of those groups. 

My oldest son who lives near there is celebrating a birthday and  asking people to donate towards those trying to help those at Chabad of Parkland. It takes a village to heal a community sometimes.  Everyone knows that 17 people died but I'd bet most reading this do not know how many people were injured physically and are dealing with the trauma emotionally. When you give charity towards a cause where people are on the ground, one on one helping others you are part of that process of healing. 

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