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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Record Snow Fall...53 Inches but WHERE? 3 Things You Need to Know Dec 26, 2017. Will it SNOW on New Year's Eve?

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The 3 biggest weather news stories of the day are the crazy snow totals of "Lake Effect Snow" in Erie PA (a staggering record 53 inches), the possibility of a New Year's Eve Snow Storm and an extremely cold period forecast for the not so distant future as Arctic Air dips down into the South.

Erie PA is a done deal and they are probably so done with snow as of December 26th and as the temperatures will be cold for a long time ... snow will remain on the ground. American, United and Delta have flights to Erie so if you want to see snow then you may want to book a ticket to Erie to build snow people ;) however you may want to wait until they dig out a bit.  Wouldn't you just figure record rainfall during the Hurricane Season would segue into record snow totals before the 2017 year ends. To add to the "I've seen fire and I've seen rain" we can now say Santa Claus definitely let it snow, snow, snow in Erie.

As for the biggest "Maybe" in the above stories is the possibility of people prancing in a snow storm on New Year's Eve in Time Square. It could happen and it will be cold enough for the snow to stick long enough to make the start of 2018 look like a Winter Wonderland. But will it play out that way? Time will tell as no one is sure and the models don't agree. Seems 2018 will be much like 2017 as in "problematic" and "record breaking" as the beat goes on and on. The models have put a Southern Snow Storm into the picture and taken it out as fast as you can say "do the Hokie Pokie" and it's been my experience in North Carolina that you wait until you see the white stuff falling from the sky before you start doing a Snow Dance! This morning's models made all the weather people who changed their mind yesterday .... change their minds again. I'll wait until tomorrow before giving my own thoughts. Just know some people will see snow for New Year's Eve. Fake fur is in style, I suggest you buy some on sale today or tomorrow quickly to keep yourselves both warm and stylish!

The SURE THING part of today's big 3 blog is ... it will be very, very, very cold this coming week. Whether North Georgia or the Carolinas see snow this coming weekend is still up for grabs... but the cold, cold, cold temperatures are a sure thing. So keep that in mind when planning your party events. Staying home in front of the fireplace or the fake fireplace heater sipping warm tea spiked with Bourbon and snacking on some incredible baked Brie may be your best bet for New Year's Eve.

Google around for some recipes. The recipes will be more reliable than the forecast until we get to Thursday when we should know for sure....who gets snow... and who does not. Just know in most parts of the USA including at least North Florida it will be cold. Invest in fake fur is my suggestion. Oh, and I bought a Carolina Panther's Knit Hat for this winter... Just because well... #becauseCarolina!

Besos BobbiStorm
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Follow the snow graphics and the models on because it's not just about the Tropics but about WEATHER ;)

Ps... Remember when we used to call them "winter storms" ??? Now we call them "events" and "episodes" so I guess this is more a continuation of the Soap Opera known as "WEATHER TODAY" and I'm predicting 2018 will bring us more of the same when it comes to crazy weather. El Nino is hiding somewhere far away, letting La Nina duke it out with "Neutral Phase" while we wait for the next Winter Weather Episode. Don't say I didn't warn ya...

In honor of my daughter's birthday coming up.
Winter babies seem to love Taylor Swift...

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