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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

TS ADRIAN FORMS IN EPAC. Hurricane Season Coming to the Atlantic SOON... Are You Aware Enough to Be Prepared? #Hurricanestrong NHC Doing All It Can Are You Paying Attn? Learn before the storm forms...

Some consolidation there at core.
Banding.. kind of...
 Tropical Storm Adrian arrives early!

TS Adrian formed officially a few days early.

TS Adrian formed in the Eastern Pacific and is forecast to curve to the North towards the Mexican coastline and hook a bit to the NE in towards landfall. The moisture will move across Mexico and the Yucatan somewhere. This should be not a reminder, but a wake up call to us in the Atlantic Basin that ready or not the 2017 Hurricane Season is weeks away. Actually as we are on the B storm it already began in a de facto way when Arlene formed a while back. The details are not as important here as much as the message. Get ready! Be prepared!! When you look at Adrian remember Bret and Cindy will be here soon enough.

I put up on an old video to illustrate that history repeats. Learn from history. Stay alive, cause the heat is on....  The basin warms up and to be honest parts of the basin already have warm water earlier than normal. The discussion on El Nino being a bit preliminary and possibly mitigated by warmer ocean temperatures being an additional concern. Either way it's May and it feels like July in the Florida Keys. Temperatures in the Keys are nearing the mid 80s mark and as the temperature creeps up the water temperatures creep up as well. A lot of creeping going on and before you know it the Hurricane Season is here and cones are aimed not at Mexico but towards Florida and the Carolinas and everywhere in between. This year the Caribbean could be in play as well and hurricanes could slam into the Islands rather than curve gracefully away. Each year is different, however the one caveat remains the same. Be prepared! 

And, Lord knows the NHC tries it's best to prepare the public as well as the local stations that show one video after another of Andrew, Hugo and even Matthew. But is anyone paying attention? Is there anything more the NHC can do to warn the public and educate them to inform them of what they need to know to be #HURRICANESTRONG. Okay it's a Hashtag... it means to be prepared, it rhymes with informed and you stay strong and alive when a Category 4 Hurricane comes knocking at your door! If you live in the Miami area this event is coming to your area. Go and learn what you need to know. Take #selfies and send them to me @bobbistorm on Twitter ;) and I'll use them in the blog. How's that?

To be honest with the extreme heat in Tampa...
...bit worried on the Eastern GOM this year.
Just saying.........
Knowledge is power.

Besos BobbiStorm
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...spread the word.

Hurricanes can hit from any direction in Florida...

Good to know...
...some great footage of Hurricane Wilma

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