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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Still #1 but a Tropical Depression now

Just a brief post to say Subtropical Depression is still a subtropical depression and NOT expected to get the A list name. Though if this year is anything like last year expect the unexpected.

Perhaps this year's crop of storms will behave and read their forecast discussion. They will die when the NHC says they​ should die, form only over water and do the loop when it's forecast rather than take NC by storm.

Officially this is Pre Season and just a dress rehearsal...

I'll do a longer post later today.

I have an ill father in law who seems to be in goodbye mode but life like storms sometimes surprises us. Posting from my phone while in the hospital or skilled nursing facility whatever it's called so not doing loops or songs just right now.

As Jimmy Buffett sings "Only Time Will Tell" and I'm just wondering if it's 5 o clock somewhere... Where's my Margarita? Cause I could sure use one.

June 1st officially the start of the season.


Always a ho hum list if you ask me. They should spice it up some.


You get my drift. Time for a change. Why do we have to get stuck with​ a list until one is retired? Seems a bit OCD if you ask me...

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