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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Severe WXR Continues. FL to NE. Stay Aware & Alert. IF Traveling Check With Your Airline for Options. Delays Everywhere..

Choose your favorite crayola color on loops today.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Love black and white as it often shows the details better.
Watch the front push thru... the weather flare up!

How low will it go?

Here's some color for ya....

Weather is volatile in most places during certain periods of the year and it's that simple. As a child of Florida it's humorous sometimes for me to see how other areas handle a heavy rain storm. Miami gets everything from afternoon thunderstorms to May Monsoons to Hurricanes. It rains on one side of the street and yet it's dry on the other. Rain is as much a part of our life as tropical breezes and sunshine. In fact, as I told a friend who wants to move there, the rain every day in the summer keeps us cooler than the rest of the nation. We don't get long spates of 100 degree temperatures in August as usually it rains when it hits 86 degrees. The temperatures then cool off back to a normal, warm, humid temperature in the low 80s and this cycle goes on and on every day certain times of year. If you want an outdoor wedding by the bay aim for February and even then that is not a guarantee as it's a piece of land that juts out into warm tropical waters on all three sides of the Florida Peninsular and is possible on any given day of the year.

That said today in Raleigh there is a Tornado Watch and concerns on heavy rain (the torrential kind that is normal in Miami and very rare in LA) as well as hail and isolated tornadoes. And this line of strong storms stretches down to North Florida where chasers have been chasing this past week. We do get storm chasers in Florida, however it's different than what you get out on the Plains. People set up on rooftops of mall parking lots to get good photographs or travel the back roads of North Florida and the Panhandle. A strong line of storms has hovered over that area for several days. Here in Raleigh school is on a delay today and it was pushed back to 10 AM from 9 AM and as the weather develops that and everything else is fluid today.

It's also worth noting that Tampa that has had weather hovering in the  low 90s earlier this week is getting the front later today. And as we all know when cold diving air hits very warm, moist air coming in from the Gulf of Mexico we get turbulent, volatile weather. Expect delays today if you are flying in and out of TPA as many flights connects through their to points South. Flights are delayed today in Chicago as well as other places so check with your airlines for options if you are traveling today.

The word Tampa is under that green mess.

If you live down there that is a great radar link.

This is a big system.
The WV shows how this system is digging down.

The double barreled low is the wxr foe here!

If you live under the gun today stay aware.
Stay aware for fast moving changes in your local weather.
It's that easy.
There's an App there you can download.

I have a lot of weather friends but I often go first to Mike as he has his finger on the pulse of the Average Joe or Josephine. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind and he moves fast in real time to new images and updates on his site rapidly and that's good when weather is evolving. He doesn't wait until a team of writers put out a script for computer programmers to change the graphics as you see on some weather sites on air and on line. He's real, he's fast and he knows what you want to know. So that said ... check him out at Spaghetti Models and on Facebook. There is always a great flow of comments by weather watchers on his Facebook site so join in the discussion. Or check me out at Twitter @bobbistorm and add me as a friend. A lot of great places to go to discuss and follow weather. 

And as always as much as we talk online...
..your main go to site is the NWS.

If you live in the shaded area... 
...check out your local warnings.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

When the front begins to look like a funnel cloud..
...someone is getting slammed w bad weather!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter 


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