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Monday, April 24, 2017

Foggy Miami on an April Day. Not April Fools... After the Rain

Miami dressed in fog.
Okay it's actually Hollywood.
But it's one big megalopolis.
From Miami to WPB it all blurs together.
Especially today.

I woke up this morning half asleep and dragged myself out of bed to watch my grandson play before he goes to his mother this afternoon after school. I'm pretty sure we all know that slice of life these days in 2017. He's a bundle of energy in the morning. I call it "The Judah Show" and I sip coffee half asleep watching him get dressed for school. I enjoyed the espresso and looked out the window. Well, I had to open the blinds and look outside first.... And, then I wondered why it was raining that hard and I didn't hear the rain. Obviously, I was not fully awake yet. Out through the blinds, past the screen window and below the old school Hurricane Awnings everything was covered in gray with only the green, green grass peeking through to jazz up the view. And, then I asked my son "Is it foggy out there???" A light went off somewhere in my head this could be fog in Florida. Understand, we don't get a lot of fog in South Florida and it's usually in December or maybe February. Who remembers it's a pretty random event and I do mean pretty.

Remember my pretty tropical sunrise the other day.
Same Christmas Palms.....
...but cloaked in gray today.

Who knew a foggy day would wake me up? It's been a long few days while my in-laws are slowly saying goodbye to my Father-in-law. Mind you he could be weeks or months away from actually shuffling off to Restaurant Heaven, but he's at the point where arrangements are being discussed and everyone is coming in to see him. He's a Vet, he wants to be buried with other Vets who fought in distant wars or just served their country. I'm somewhere between seeing several kids who live in this area, taking care of some historical research and visiting with the other family so I didn't get to write much about the not tropical low that traveled across South Florida on it's way to socking Charleston and riding up the coast. I did enjoy the heavy rain that woke me the night before last and the puddles everywhere added a counterpoint to what has been extremely beautiful weather this trip home to Florida. Blue skies gave way to gray days and as the fog lifts today who really knows for sure? Well, I guess Phil Ferro knows but I didn't watch Channel 7 news this morning as Judah is watching his show that sounds like every other show he watches...

As it's Miami and not San Francisco the fog will lift, it's not London so if I don't go stare at the poetic fog I'll miss it's departure. Sort of a lot like life ....huh? My father used to always say God has a strange sense of humor. Why do the most beautiful picture views happen on garbage day? Seriously? 

That's the way the weather is going today.
Well, most of this week maybe.

Hopefully I'll enjoy the sunshine.
Cooler air, but not cold.
Okay the house AC is set at 73 it's cold.

So I'll be back sooner or later.
Just keep checking in.
Send me thoughts on Twitter
And y'all come back now .. please.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps Going out and about today... 
Enjoying the city...

You got to enjoy the rain but know...
...every storm runs out of rain.
So true...

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