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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday, Quiet Winter .. Where's the Weather?

So let's be real no one really is paying attention to the weather this weekend as we move closer to the Super Bowl. But, trying to find some sort of hurricane, weather angle in the world of indoor, retractable stadiums in the South is not always that easy. In this case the stadium being used for the Super Bowl was directly impacted by Hurricane Ike in 2008 so it wasn't that hard.

There was damage that to be assessed and repaired.
Games were moved. 

Happens when you get a direct hit by a Category 2 Hurricane.
But the games went on and the stadium was repaired.
Better than ever and ready to host the big game.

It's been a boring winter in the Carolinas.
I know some people like that.
I'm not someone who likes boring.

Hello? Where is the weather?
See the grid below from ...

It's like some grinch stole winter :(

Then again the Northern Lights were caught by travelers.
Talk about something not in the travel book...
Can you imagine looking out the window and seeing this?


I once saw a great sunrise over some Chemtrails in Atlanta on take off.
Not as colorful, red and orange but pretty.
I've never seen the Northern Lights.
I'd like to ...
....some day.

New images from a new satellite are blowing away meteorolgists.

I'll wait until the Hurricane Season to go gaga over it.. 

And on a personal note as a Miami girl..
Kudos to Jason Taylor for getting into the Hall of Fame.
He was always a Hall of Fame star to us.

So as we approach Super Bowl Sunday.
Let's look back at a year when weather played a role.

My father used to talk about this game... 

And this one....

-15 degree weather

So yeah we have the nice new stadiums these days ;)
But oh what times those were.

Enjoy the game tomorrow.
And if you don't like football (ewww) ...
...enjoy the commercials.

Enjoy the food and drinks.
Personally I'm a Southerner so rooting for Atlanta.
Did I mention I'm a Miami Dolphins Fan?

Nuff Said.

Besos BobbiStorm
Look me up on Twitter @bobbistorm

Ps Oh my Middle School was the Falcons.
You don't think I'd forget something like that do you?

Falcon Forever ;)

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