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Friday, January 27, 2017

Weather Happening Always.. Peru NC

This is a reminder that weather is always happening somewhere even if not in your own backyard. Sometimes it's good to give thanks to sunshine, blue skies and the ability to watch the blackbirds fly about from tree to tree.  This video above is from Peru where they had more than ten hours of torrential rains that weakened the cliff where that building had sat for years. Everyone was evacuated so it's more like one of those videos where people set up to watch a stadium imploded, it was set to go anytime. And it is worth remembering the damage from Hurricane Mitch in Central America was not from hurricane force winds but from torrential rains after it's strength was lowered down to tropical storm force.

Summer storms rage in South America.

We forget that as we are so oriented towards the Northern Hemisphere.

I'm semi recuperated from the Israeli trip.
I ate a donut yesterday :)
When God gives you a surprise donut.... eat the donut and say "Thank YOU!"

And Jet Lag is mostly gone.
The chiropractor is fixing the rest of me.

I do love traveling.
But I prefer not crossing too many time zones.

Anyway winter is back in North Carolina.
I feel bad.
My daughter flew down from NY for a short vacation.
Yesterday we had warm weather. 
So warm it looked like Miami when a cold front goes through.

Winds in my area were about 40 MPH.
Straight line winds.
Power outages occurred.
I had no power for a good half hour.
Suddenly, no warning. No weather discussion.
Whoosh! BAMN!

Then 30 minutes later the bluest skies you ever saw.
Maybe 20 minutes later.
As if it never happened.
Except for the power was gone with the wind.
Then restored.

Crazy huh?
Weather happens.

Sadly it's as cold if not colder now in NC than NY ..

Can't make this up.

So I'm going to enjoy my daughter's good cooking ... 
...and some quality time.
Maybe take her out for donuts?

Never ignore the weather.
Especially if you live in North Carolina.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Sorry for any typos.. long story for another blog..


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