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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Riddance to Storms that Killed At Least 20. Cool Nights in Miami, Blue Skies in Raleigh. Home with Major Case of Jet Lag

Storm system that left at least 20 dead in the South has moved on.
Good riddance.

Been a while since I wrote as I was out of the country and heavily involved with a family celebration.  And as horrible as the storms across the South were last weekend it's a fairly common occurrence in that Severe Weather makes news after they happen. There was a rare warning posted for the system and accompanying weather, however people rarely pay attention on weekends. Warm periods of weather accosted by a cold front sliding South will throw Mother Nature off her feet a bit and many often get hurt. Death tolls rise from severe weather and tornadoes while we obsess on other things that never happen.

I have Jet Lag among a few other things bothering me and I am "in hibernation" too I guess. It was in the 60s last night in Miami, makes everyone crazy. Here the blue skies are beautiful. The houses and apartments in Israel are not insulated well. Should you go and see temperatures forecast in the 60s do not be fooled it feels inside more like the lower 40s. The sun comes out in the morning like it's on steroids and that heat moves with the direct rays of the sun. The cold tile floors feel as if they are being tested for installation in the county morgue. Oh my goodness ... felt so cold.

The wedding itself was hot! 
First a very spiritual ceremony.
Then all restraints tossed away.
Meyer kids know how to party.
They raise it to an art form.

First dance below...

Long trip, awesome wedding complete with light shows, clouds, fog, bubbles and a couple that truly looked like rock stars. Felt like a Hollywood production and they did spend hours planning out what music would play when to the appropriate effects.

The groom's grandmothers were there.
Originally from Iran and Yemen.
They are young inside.
Clapping hands and dancing in their mid 80s.

So if we had to cross Lord knows how many time zones...
...on twelve hour flights to get there.
I'm kind of okay with it in retrospect.
The love of a family extends across time and space.

Brothers together.

Brother kissing his sister the bride.

The bride and I waiting for pictures to begin.

Awesome wedding.

So okay I have a problem with Jet Lag.

They all lie...

You take AMTRAK to Miami write, sleep and rest.
You are always in the same time zone.
No Jet Lag.
It's not the same as flying back from Israel.

So resting listening to this song on Youtube.

Watching the world and the wind spin...,28.40,291

Loops to music...

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Trying to heal, recover and wake up from the long trip.
Resting, trying to find my sleep rhythm back again.
They lie....
It's not like being on a train for 12 hours!
A train usually stays in one time zone!

Much love and enjoy the music.

I'll be back to covering weather soon.

Driving to Jerusalem I heard this song over and over.
I'll associate it with the wedding for a long time.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
#Resting #Hibernating


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