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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tropical Storm Ecai in Brazil. Snow in Hawaii. Record Snow in Chicago. What Next Mother Nature? Winter Predictions for December

First and foremost the weather news today is Winter makes a move on the South. It's one thing to have bitter cold in North Dakota and another thing for it to be cold in Florida. Hey, but Florida didn't get snow so they are still the best place for snowbirds to go when they need to fly away. You can see here how that frontal boundary just cuts straight across Florida.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Note the moisture feed moving up from the tropics still.
As winter plays out that could become problematic.

The chill map shows where the front is currently.
Miami still 77 degrees which is balmy for 9 AM.

North Florida is feeling it.
According to many meteorologists many of us will feel it for a while.

So as Chicago had record snow for the date recently...
Maybe don't throw out those crazy long range models for December.

Aside from the snow in Seattle... Brazil had a rare Tropical Storm.

Looks messy to me.

Some images shown there.

I'm going to go with their designation as it happened to them.
There has been discussion here on if it was or wasn't.
It's like surgery. If it's your operation it feels major.

They had damage. It seems closed off.
There was a frontal boundary.
Not going to get into the fray.
Let's just say.
They had tropical weather.

Hawaii had snow.
Chicago had a lot of snow early.
Brazil had a Tropical Storm.

Brazil has had hurricanes before. Happens.

Can't argue that one.
See they do have tropical weather.
You can read about them in the link above.
Ecai made it onto their list.

Brazil's version of the NRL made the call.

In other places Mother Nature has gone on some rare rampages this week. If I was a conspiracy person I'd start believing things I see online. Some would whisper Al Gore here and talk on Global Warming. Perhaps I think "Mother Nature" should have gotten Man of the Year as Mother Nature has been on some strange rampage this year. Hurricane Julia formed over land. Storms everywhere not to mention earthquakes and well Mother Nature has been busy in 2016.

We had snow this week in Hawaii in areas where it rarely snows. It does snow in that they often get a dusting up in the mountains, but this was a larger than normal event. is a good article that explains the why of this snowy event.

So from the one Olympic site to another, from Sochi to Santa Catarina we've had pretty odd weather this year. I'll predict the trend will continue with this coming winter. Stay tuned.

From Mike's site you can clearly see Winter is winning.

Besos BobbiStorm
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