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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Polar Vortex Returns? It's Called WINTER! A Blast of Winter. Preview For 2016 - 2017 Winter!

That's how the sky looked this morning in Raleigh.
Beautiful in a cold, quiet way.

The satellite imagery shows this blanket of clouds well.

sat_ir_enh_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Across most of the United States Winter is making an early appearance. Some might say winter is right on time as winter often plays peek a boo well before the Winter Solstice. The last few years winter laid low and people in Chicago actually complained there was no snow. No one will say that this year! Chicago has had snow, NYC has had snow and New England is well New England. Only the South is dreaming of snow. And, I'm pretty sure someone will soon see snow in the South. It's only a matter of time. However, the media is all over this recent appearance of winter with coming attractions of the Return of the Polar Vortex!! Apparently you don't even have to go on Netflix it will find you soon enough....

So today's post is about the much rumored "BLAST" of ARCTIC AIR coming down by way of the POLAR VORTEX!!  I saw this online today. Seriously? Let's all get a grip here........

It's called WINTER. Winter is back in town, deal with it and stop the hysterics. I know TWC has storm names. Decima ??? Okay, TWC is officially tracking their latest winter storm....

Ps I did not put Hartford, CT in my search so... 
... moving on. It's consistently creepy.
I didn't put Boston in either... 
But I digress. It's cold in Raleigh.

If you wish to follow DECIMA...

Go for it.

We will be having a BLAST of Cold Air this week.
Let's look at that word carefully.

A blast denotes it being FAST as in it rhymes with blast.
A fast, blast of cold air.
A passing, fast, blast of cold air.

Let's look at Raleigh, NC.

So it could be 18 degrees on Friday morning.
Then on Sunday it will be near 70 degrees.
Totally makes sense.
This is that in between time of year.

I finally understand Carolina.
People can taste winter.
Pretend they have a winter.
Then a few days later it's not that bad again.
People say Raleigh weather is Bi-Polar.
And that's because the Polar Vortex only flirts with us.
Floridians love to move here and "enjoy" the "seasons"
Of course they could be hiding from Alligators..
I so get hiding from Gators personally!!

Yeah, explains the people moving up to Raleigh from Florida.
And they get to taste a little bit of winter :)

The reality is it's a COLD FRONT.
A fast moving cold front.
A blast from the Arctic.
Frozen kisses moving South.
Then retreating again until next time...

Winter in the Great Lakes is well.. WINTER.
Winter doesn't take a holiday.

For the rest of us . . . winter comes and winter goes.
You buy in and are happy when you get lucky with 69 degrees.

Snow in the North.
Storms in the South.
Looks normal to me.

Take a look at this screen shot from Spaghetti Models.

Notice the water temperature sites on the far left?
The warm red and orange colors are gone.
Winter weather moves down near the Mason Dixie Line.
There's FOG across parts of the SE

The Mason Dixie Line is a Meteorological reference.
The war between the North and South is over.
But it remains the boundary of Northern Winter..
..and the Southern Winter.

Up North people pray it stops snowing.
Down South kids pray for it to snow just a little even.
Great Divide in mind sets.

I was at the gym this morning. I did a hard routine that had moments of ballet movements mixed with yoga and stretch. Usually I come out of there so warm that I don't want to wear a sweater let alone a jacket. This morning I walked out into the gray, cold, damp air that felt way colder than it really was in fact. If you asked me I'd have thought it was close to freezing and yet it was 48 degrees. I mean damp, cold, bitter to the bone. I wished I had gloves!! I never want to have gloves . . . 

A song from one of my favorite Willie CDs.

Jimmy Buffett is all about summer.
Willie Nelson knows winter.

I call this picture Winter Dreams.
I took it today by the golf course.

If ya want to know what the Winter Dreams reference is...'s a free rendition of the short story by F Scott Fitzgerald.
Many say it was a prelude to the Great Gatsby.
Perhaps it should be named "Dreams on Being Gatsby"

If you are looking for a Jimmy Buffett song.
He wrote this one... reference to a short story by Scott.

Hope whatever you dream of you find soon.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

I'm pretty sure you might find snow if you live up north ;)
If you don't want to see snow... 

Fly South to Florida!!!

No earthquakes in Florida :)
2 in NC this week. 
Well up in the mountains.
Near Asheville, NC
I know weather people love geology...
That's where Scott put Zelda away once upon a time....
... almost like under lock and key.
But that's another story.
A good muse is hard to find.

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