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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cold Roller Coaster Ride From Mother Nature. Wind Chills Feel Like Arctic Vacation.

uschill.gif (640×480)

The story in some places today is the WIND.
I've been told my Grandkids went to school wearing 2 coats ;)
Yes they have school, cold but no snow.

Baby it's cold out there would be an understatement but it's not news to anyone with a smart phone or who lives on a steady diet of TWC as if it's the latest Starbucks Seasonal Latte. But this week many parts of the East Coast get an array of different weather all within the same few days. Pick your favorite from the menu and hide in bed for the day you don't like. Note the sub zero temperatures on the WIND CHILL map above.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if Starbucks delivered? In Raleigh the temperature tonight is diving down to 17 in my area, but it will be 70 on Sunday. There's a chance of fog, freezing rain and warm rain all thrown in to the same forecast. What a menu Mother Nature if serving this week!

If you are still drinking frappes you must be in Miami.

In the Nation's Capital it's a cold day in December.

In the Great Lakes area there is snow.
Buffalo is back in the white stuff again.
As is Cleveland where my friend's kids had a snow day.

But it's the roller coaster feel of this that's the problem.
People don't have a chance to acclimate.
They get sick easier.
Brrr and then huh?

There's a place up here called Carowinds.
Summertime, camp trips, family trips.
They have a roller coaster.
This week in NC is much like that roller coaster.

I posted that earlier this week on Twitter.

The discussion from the NWS this morning...
...says just that. A roller coaster ride.

Luckily on Sunday we will be near 70 degrees.
Beach anyone?

You can't say the weather is boring this year!
Note even New York City warms up to 60 degrees!

Pick your days to venture outside if you can...
...if you can't then well wear 2 coats!

Or as a friend of mine said on Facebook ;)
You might want to put on that long underwear ...

As for me my two youngest kids drove in from Miami last night.
No not for the weather ... NC State Graduation.
My little Wolfpack is home :) to celebrate a best friends graduation.
The youngest son drove in with her to touch base.
Sweet indeed.
So I'll be doing Starbucks while he is here!

As for you....

Stay warm and follow the NWS.

Note that weather in the West will be heading East.
As I cover Hurricane Country I rarely mention Western Weather.
But heads up... it's blowing this way!

We be so zonal!

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps ..if you are freezing in NYC.
Check out Nash Country.
Best Country Station in the Country.

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