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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tornado in Tulsa. Torcon High Today Thru Good Part of the South. Flooding in Arkansas.

Kind of easy to let the pictures tell the story today.
This is a picture of yesterday's Tulsa tornado.

Going to post various visuals from different angles.

Curving, moving with the fast flow.

A bit of Twister Art below. 

Artsy shot. Starkness is compelling.

Add in some color.

And of course we have video.

Puts it in motion...

A bit about storm chasers... they all have their favorite type of Twister.
They also have to learn to post as they are taking the pics.
Saw a newbie storm chaser complaining he forgot to send the pics...
Reason is your adrenaline is pumping and you almost forget to take the picture.
While taking the picture you forget to send the picture in real time.
It's fast, furious and way more adrenaline pumping than a movie.

Yesterday's tornado was expected. 
Where is the bigger questions.
We have gotten good at knowing when.
Tulsa was right in the middle of yesterday's high Torcon of 6.

The days are getting longer, sun heats things up fast.
Today's severe weather and possible tornadoes may come at rush hour.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Arkansas and Alabama are in it today.
As well as a good part of the Deep South.
Note how the air is diving down across Florida into Bahamas.
Remember that for later.
Today is about tornadoes. 

Today's "Torcon" stretches thru the South.

Current Radar this afternoon shows the storms popping.
Remember the numbers above when looking at this radar image.

There are two different areas there to watch.

If you aren't friends with Greg on Facebook you might want to friend him.
He's awesome. Awesome meteorologist. 
Worth saying awesome three times...

Torcon is basically a way of giving percentages to a high risk area.
Within 50 miles I believe.
Sort of a real time cone for tornado possibilities.
And.. of course .. severe weather.

NWS shows this on their current map.
Deep South a mess.
This changes in real time so always check
Not to be confused with TWC. 

Chicago is having strong weather this afternoon.
Some flights are delayed. Check if you need to...

There's flooding in the South ....
...areas flooded are watching the sky for Twisters as well today.

So as always stay on top of your weather.

They do a nice job covering the weather fast without chit chat or commercials.

As for the big picture... 

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

That's a wild water vapor. 
A lot of twisting, diving, turning going on there..

And as always the hardcore tropical weather people...
...are always watching even 62 days away.

And something to remember parts of Tennessee and Carolinas ..
...are prone to nighttime tornado formation. 
Stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams... BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


A special request.
Please do what you can to help these people.
Pass the link on to someone who you know can or would do so.
My son studies architecture at FIU in Miami.
He and his classmates all buy art supplies from their business.
The link explains the story but they are a home based business.
So... double loss for this family.
My son says every time he goes he stays, talks to them.. great people.
Good thing about Internet is it's so easy to do a good deed fast.


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