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Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas. Still so many questions... Cantore in DC... Says a lot.

Everyone in the winter warning area wants to know... 
What are they getting exactly????

That's the story I'm getting.

Best guess is DC is "ground zero" for this storm.
Virginia you're in it.
Baltimore... messy.
New York ... iffy what you are getting still.
Try Again Later.

What we do know is Jonas blew Hilary off the cover of Drudge.
See... I was right. He's a weather geek...

Poof!! She's gone with the winter weather...

Carolina.... always a crazy quilt of winter weather.

Looks a lot like my long multi-colored skirt I wear so often.

So this is your cheat sheet for winter weather.

Note I am getting RAIN in South Florida.

I've had people in Raleigh text me asking me why snow turned over to rain.
I told them... it hasn't started, keep watching.
The forecast from NWS makes your head spin.
Snow...then rain....then freezing rain..turning back to snow then rain.
Winter Weather Whiplash.

So going to start here with something from TWC. A good discussion on the concerns of ice storms. Icy conditions and various types of winter weather.

The Ice may be the big news.

Travel Impacts may be the big news.

Even if you are not in a winter area your plane might be coming from there.
You may be stranded anywhere waiting....

Check twice if you are traveling anywhere today.

Hopefully RDU will be open on Tuesday when I get back.

I'm in Miami. Rainy, gray, tropical Miami.
Short sleeves and downpours.
Flip flops and Cuban Coffee.

I wore a sweater today.
Don't laugh. The AC was really cold.
Well when it rains and it's set low... 
Sorry but true.

I've learned this about winter weather. It's very difficult to pin it down. Winter storms hide in stealth mode until they burst onto the scene with snow and ice. Their path is iffy as if they are afraid of a real commitment. Hard to track, slow to form and almost impossible to get right. I finally "get" why real forecasters wait for a good winter storm to test their skills against.

I juggle many commitments. And as much as I would love, love, love to be in Raleigh this weekend I hope to catch the next one. Some events repeat in life often or often enough. Others are time sensitive and you have to make the call and once you do don't look back. An old boyfriend told me often "you win some, you lose a lot" and he was right though I often think he didn't try hard enough but I digress a bit here as I ponder life. Doesn't help to cry over spilled snow storms, there will be another one coming along soon. Maybe even next week....   And, I'll be in always messy Baltimore in February and am plotting a trip to NY before winter is over. So... going to enjoy the gray day in Miami, watch the liquid snow flakes falling from the sky and party with my family for my daughter's birthday because that's what we do. We party well... well we party a lot. We are a sort of party lot ;)

If God gives you lemons make lemonade. If you want to spice it up add a little grape juice and make pink lemonades. If the snow turns over to an icy mess... play ice hockey ;)

Just remember this storm is for now a slow moving winter disaster.
Just because it turns over to rain ... don't think it won't turn back to snow.

Tennessee is really in it.

Love the way Brad does weather so much I want to move to Charlotte ;)
Well that and the little crowns on the street signs...

So here I sit watching the Twitter Feed...
...watching the rainfall.

A tale of 2 cities ... 

73 in Miami.
Snow in Raleigh.
My 2 best friends here.. Blondie and the other one who used to be Red.
My grandson who is a lot of fun.
And going out to get some good pics of the weather.

It's all about where you are at any given moment.

Not 5 minutes after we passed this spot there was a bad accident.
Police cars and fire rescue went racing down Broward Blvd..

My son sent out a message to everyone to drive safe.
We must have passed 3 big accidents on the way back to Hollywood.

So where ever you are... enjoy where you are.

Make the most of it. 

And let me know what you got from Winter Storm Jonas 
(said as if Walter Cronkite was still doing the news)

And there's another winter storm behind this one.

Yes Virginia... there is a winter this year.
It's not a one hit wonder.

Winter of 2016.

Then comes Hurricane Season of 2016.
Something to think on ....


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