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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

UPDATED!! Subtropical Storm Alex. Spoiler Alert. 4 PM Advisories Begin. A Hard Call.. Good Call.

Evolution of Subtropical Storm Alex

Done Deal. 

How did this happen you may wonder?
You can blame it on Global Warming but...
...they have been around for a while.

1954 Alice.
Dec 1954 to Jan 1955
Could this season turn out like that one.
Something to think on...

When looking at this image below....
... I thought wow that's a Subtropical Storm.
That should have the name Alex.
But at 1 PM the NHC only upgraded to 70%.

visible loop .. you be the judge.

vis_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

snapshot of dvorak... does it for me.

Ever play Pin the Tail on the Donkey with the blindfold on?

Hey its a rare sort of bird with no name and not playing that song today.
But it may be stuck in your mind now. 

I can understand how they had problems naming a storm as its evolving.
Hey it's evolved it's way all the way from the Bahamas to almost Africa.
Parkay, Butter, Parkay, Butter, Parkay, Irish Butter...

Here's a link from Wunderground that will allow you to bone up on the names.

Alex is Subtropical.
Spoiler Alert.
I'll be updating with advisories and graphics at the top later.

What is a Subtropical Storm?

Til this afternoon the NHC has played it conservative. 
Maybe too conservative.
But the are making the call.
ALEX wins the poker game!

They don't want to name it and then lose the name in the rewrite.
Some renaming team will come along and rethink the decision.
Next think you know Chris, Jim or Jack will yank the name away.

That's ALEX. 
On the books.
First named storm of the 2016 Hurricane Season is on the board.

This began around 1 PM with their new red circle.

Til now it was simple Invest 90L
No longer just an Invest but Alex

Alex is currently spinning in  big, beautiful circle ...


avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

It has been a frustrating day for mets who believed it deserved an upgrade.
The NHC had upped it's chances to 70% and tossed it a red circle.
Some felt that may be their way of saying:

"That's all folks" 

Or others believed it was a  "get ready we are going to upgrade"

I give them a lot of credit.
It was a good call.

I want to make it clear here tho this is NOT unprecedented.
It may or may not be global warming.
You can make up your own mind.

Alice forms on December 30th and hangs around through January 1955.

track.gif (640×512)

A huge but slow sort of year.
3 sisters up the East Coast.

1955 MUCH busier.

track.gif (640×512)

If El Nino is going to hit the road... something to think on.

Also as Dr. Rick Knabb said on Twitter.

is the first tropical or subtropical storm to form in January since an unnamed system in 1978.

track.gif (640×512)

Weather happens. Hurricanes happen.
Subtropical Storms happen.
Alex happened!

Got to love Wikipedia. While I'm blogging someone is updating.
History is always being made.

Check back for track and more information often.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Be back soon... Besos BobbiStorm


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