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Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 Brings Winter to the East Coast. Clean up in Texas and Mississippi Flood. Earthquakes in Oklahoma. Personal Thoughts and Musing on New Madrid Fault

Welcome to 2016!
First post of the New Year ;)

Remember when I said I had my own broke girls in Brooklyn ??
Well there's a peak as one of them is my daughter.
And it's my own way of saying I may be breaking some rules this year.

This image is from Miami :) 
Some kids know how to party and where is better than Miami?

Then again best pic I have seen is from Seattle.

To my friend Pat who always acts up when I say Seattle...
This is my granddaughter in Seattle....

She LOVES seaplanes... like I used to in Miami.

Wouldn't you want to go to Seattle more if Bella was waiting for you?

( i may have bought her the princess outfit...)

Her brother Benny is cute too...

So it's not JUST liking the Space Needle ya know ;)

Digressing here but it's my blog and there aren't any hurricanes.
But a lot to say in a fun way so hang on...

Odd year.
Politically Trump seems to tower over his rivals.
All good in January but let's wait and see when people start voting.
The media likes him, he's good for ratings.
So FOX rang in the New Year with the First Family it seems.

I'm not a lover or hater.
Just an observer. Observing.

Hey it was FOX... but I digress... 

Cause Trump and election is more important than the floods?

So if you were not out last night wearing 2016 glasses?
Where were you?
I was home last night. Enjoyed it actually.
Brie and Wine and watched the ball fall and then....
...turned it off and went to bed..

A good way to start the new year I think ... 
Happy to see 2015 leave.
My sister-in-law Roberta passed away suddenly.
We were friends before we were sister-in-laws.
Only "sister" I've had in ways.
Real bummer.
Going to miss all those long talks complaining together...
...about my brother :(
I mean who knows him better than his wife and older sister.

Now what?
Being honest here... 
Honestly she was always there for me.
Always there for my kids when they needed her.
Second mother to a few of my kids in ways.
She's going to be missed in subtle ways.
Like I'll never be able to look at broccoli slaw again without sighing.
Or a recipe of Leek soup that only had leeks in it....
...tho my brother asked about 5 times 
"so what else did you put in it?"
Until I thought she was going to attack him with a leftover leek..
I digress... 
Just hard to lose someone who has been in my life since 1988.

2015 was also good in other ways... 
It had it's high lights.
My daughter Dina had a baby.
Dina, my storm chasing buddy, has a baby boy... 
My son Mendy got engaged to his long time girl friend.

We had a Cat 5 Hurricane in the Atlantic.
And Cat 5 flooding in Charleston and parts of the Carolinas.

Strange year in weather.
Strong Cape Verde Waves.
Stronger El Nino.

Or is it? 
Only time will tell...

Well note the frost and freeze line is getting way down there on Jan 1st, 2016

Far out models show a Low forming off of South Florida.
Tail End of Frontal Boundary.
I wouldn't expect a name. 
But it's a feature down in the tropics so mentioning it.

Actually Crown Weather has been talking about it ... passing that along.

A real hmnnnn....

Just passing along some tidbits here of the tropical kind.
Weather kind.

What will we find in 2016 I wonder?

I can tell you 2016 ushered in winter to the East coast.
I woke up this morning and asked my husband if that was the AC or...
He said..."nope not the AC" 
Miami girls... run AC until it isn't needed.

In the low 50s today and going down at night.

What are we likely to encounter in 2016?
East to say more of the same....
...but maybe not.

Has El Nino run his course or is he ready to take a break?

Speaking of breaks will the Earth shake, rattle and roll more this year?
Some geologists who like to watch weather as well believe so.

The New Year Started with a big rattle in Bricktown and Edmond, OK.
Seems like OKC partied a bit too hard last night.

Now the liberals worried on fracking...would point to fracking!
Conservatives who like fracking would say no way... just Mother Nature...
Conspiracy theorists would probably blame HAARP and maybe recent snow!!!

Who knows?
But what I do know is they have been shaking for a while there.

Speaking of conspiracy theorists.
A guy named "Dutchsinse" attempts at predicting quakes online.
He's actually pretty good at pointing the finger in the right direction.
Again all geologists are closet meteorologists.

He's been harping on this for a while now.
Sorry bad pun ...especially from some one who hates puns.
But want to lighten up here a bit in 2016.

Which makes me wonder... 

The water is moving down the Mississippi.

New Age Conspiracy types have great names.

Here's a site that I find often when looking for info on New Madrid, Mo.

I really have to wonder what my New Age Name would be if I made one up..
Any thoughts?

Back to New Madrid, Mo..
It's a place a lot like Galveston, Tx.

Once upon the time it was a place where people went or passed through.
Now days most people only hear reference to it in passing when speaking on quakes.

Galveston was a big city. Queen sort of city.
Port of Entry for so many Americans.
Of course they had the water so they became a tourist destination.
Shipping traffic after 1900 Hurricane moved up to Houston.

New Madrid didn't have much to offer and people moved to other river cities.

But if you think on it a bit... 
Sit a spell... think on it a bit.
You can see how it was the center of River Traffic...
...back in the day.

Strongest earthquake in the Continental US.
Not the ones in California nor Charleston, SC.
Heartland. Homeland.
Center of the Country.
On the River.

A place also prone to flooding.

So going back to the 1811 Earthquake that put New Madrid on the History map.

That's a wide geography.

If you don't believe in fracking earthquakes... do you believe in math?
Mathematically speaking it's day will come again.

Unless you are an Old School New Age person who...
...blames it all on Tecumseh..

You see most scientists are like fighting dogs. They all like to mark their territory. Geologists usually hate when meteorologists get bored and start poking around into geology fields wondering if floods, hurricanes or barometric pressure affect the instability of fault lines. I remember the old says in AOL Message boards. The meteorologists would get routinely told off and asked to leave the Geology Message Boards. THERE IS NO CORRELATION!! That was the usual line. Nope. Then some old weather met would bring up the earthquake and hurricane in Jamaica once upon the time and add in the Charleston hurricane and earthquake and everyone would go ballistic. Geologists would pray for some big Category 5 Hurricane to make them "go away" and "leave them alone' as geologists usually prefer to be left alone. They would prefer to sit and watch the line all day the way stock brokers watch the line at the NYSE.

Note Drudge is one of those people who watches compulsively quake sites and weather. He does put "weather action above quake sheet" and that's not alphabetical so ... says a lot.

How many weather people have this on their phones in App form I wonder?
I know more than a few.

Surprisingly though real scientists are always studying the connection between flood waters and the movement of the earth. And, why not? You have so many cubic miles covered in Lord only knows how many gallons of water pressing down upon Planet Earth. A planet that has fault lines criss crossing it's surface and deep into it's surface like an old tea cup Great Grandma Sara dragged across the country on both wagon train and steam boats. You can use all the Crazy Glue you want but you can see where the cracks are in that tea cup even if you use it only to hold your bobby pins. Mother Earth's fractures are still active, happening in real time and Crazy Glue cannot fix them. 

And, floods such as this year's historic flood down the Mississippi River puts tons and tons of pressure on the ground. Hard to believe that at some point in history when a particular place has a fault line about to go POP that water pressure on the land surface might be one factor in an earthquake.

Or you can blame Indian Chiefs and HAARP if you would rather do so..

I'm a sort of logical person who studies weather and history but also has a thang for geology.

Left bran people always have problems when they deal with right brainers.

So I write about this on January 1st, 2016 because...
It's a new page and we don't know what will be dealing with...

Remember December?
Texas never saw it coming...
Rain, Twisters, Snow, Floods.

I have a feeling it's gonna be that type of unconventional year.
A transitional year from El Nino to ???

Keep reading, keep watching.
Sorry this rambled and went long but not sorry.
It's my time stamp so to speak on a transition.
2015 into 2016.

I'm thankful for all the great friends in my life.. 

You all make my world rock a little more.
Funny how we turned the calendar and the weather flipped to winter.

Only time will tell but I'll keep writing.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps. Sadly 2016 began with news of the death of Natalie Cole.
Loved her ... loved her father.

Time is short. Life passes quickly. Make 2016 unforgettable...

and yeah I remember the Zoo.

Wishing you all a very Happy 


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