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Thursday, January 21, 2016

On the Edge of a Winter Storm

Problem with Winter Storms is they have a tail not just a head.
A lot of hype talk on "epicenter" being used.
It's a winter storm not an earthquake.

Great signature for trouble.

As much as we can wonder who gets what in NC, VA, DC etc...
Some places going to be lashed by that nasty tail down in the GOM.
Really wicked. Looks like a red tornado doesn't it?
Not a good sign.


sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Watch that storm wind up.
But it's going deep in the GOM.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

How much moisture ..tropical moisture will it tap?

Hope people are paying attention to the tail while watching where it's headed.

Currently the storm is here under the yellow circle.
Winding up.
Tail down in the Gulf of Mexico.
Moving on the Carolinas then DC VA NE...

In Raleigh stores are sold out of bread.
Not milk as much as bread.

My husband sent me that pic... 
not much bread left.
I did tell him to go yesterday but well... 
He has this belief that when ppl go crazy they get nothing.
Time will tell in Raleigh.

Harris Teeter was out of produce.
That's a store name.. really.

People panic.
They worry more on Ice Storms.
Someone may get an Ice Storm.
Someone else is getting buried under snow.
Someone else is fighting with their spouse on spending $400 for...
...a no show snow storm.

I'll save you the sordid details from my wintry day in Miami.
Breakfast in Bal Harbor.. 
Lunch in Kendall.
Late snack in Key Largo watching a gray sunset.


Only the smallest hint of color in the water.

A rum and coke made it perfect.
An old boyfriend's mother taught me to drink rum and coke.
Really, go figure.
Wasn't a day for a Bahama Mama ya know?

Up in the Carolinas it's an odd menu.
Iffy slivers of winter weather for someone somewhere.

That's more color than in my sunset... 
South Carolina doesn't get much.
NC gets a mixed bag of questions.

Further up the coast there are more questions.

Could this forecast play out? Verify?
This may be random but...
Stormforce stands with Rand.
I know he would want me to tell you that....

Let me explain it like this.

This is the State of the Union.

Winter has found the East Coast.

This is not the biggest snow storm of all time.
Though for someone it may be.
It's not the 1993 Superstorm.
Or the Wall Street storm when it was buried in snow...

It's Winter.
Wild and in your face and threatening to create winter havoc.

Drudge does not Stand with Rand.
Or Hilary.

The real story here tomorrow will be WEATHER.
Most likely.

Unless as some have sarcastically said we are being punked.
It's not real. 

With any luck Hilary will get a day of rest tomorrow ... the real story becomes the Winter Storm.

Wes is good.

I'll update tomorrow.
We'll see what we will see.

But the storm is coming...together nicely.

Besos BobbiStorm.


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