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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard of 2016 From NYC to Miami. Snow Baby...

This is my favorite street in New York..or one of them.
I lived on this street.
It's Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
A beautiful street in the snow.

The Blizzard of 2016 came and went.
Everyone is out in the snow taking pictures.
Blue skies, sunshine and snow everywhere.

Record breaking snow.

My task today is to say one thing.

Weather is always happening.
It is often history in the making.
Sometimes we are able to witness such storms.

Yesterday I was in Miami picking coconuts up off the ground.
Crazy winds, coconuts missing people as they are falling...
.... plop, plop on the ground.
Actually the boughs of coconuts sounded like nuclear explosions.
It was oddly part of the Winter Storm that brought crazy winds to Miami.

I'm on vacation. Here in Miami for a few music concerts.
One for Benny Friedman who is ... a close family friend and more.
My son works with him in the music world.
Another... is a concert in the Grove with Alex Clare and others.
Another son is involved in that concert production.
We are an artsy musical family.

So hate to rub his in but I'll be watching the sunset in paradise.
Oddly I'm wearing my white furry boots....
.... because it is freezing even in Miami.

My kids up north are having fun with photo shoots.
Seems the new grandson's first official baby pic is in the snow.
Seems his name should have been Chase ;)

Storm chaser daughter having fun in the snow.
So is baby Ber.

Kid seems to love it. Go figure.

Oh my goodness.

Where ever you be... enjoy your weather.
As Joe Bastardi says ... "its the only weather you got" 
I think that's what he says.
He does argue snow totals in NYC.
We can figure that all later.

In NC they had snow, ice but nothing epic.
If I can manage to get back into RDU ...
...maybe I'll catch the next one.

Besos BobbiStorm

My Shabbos in NMB.

God gave us coconuts... so we made drinks!


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