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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Alex A Little Stronger.. Heads Towards Azores and Greenland.

Even from space ... you can see it's Alex.

Wide View Loop...
Look Stage Right...

I want you to note how the cold air is pouring into Deep South.
But far out in the Atlantic a Subtropical Storm named Alex spins.

Josh says this well so going with it...

Sort of freaky in a fun way.

It should make the transition to extratropical by the time it makes the Azores.

Where is it now?
Well .. it's strong and headed NE at 17 MPH

Discussion from Beven shows a complicated drama.
I highlighted what I believe are the salient points.

Again he is expected to merge with the strong storm that will form..
....along the East Coast.

Mind you the GFS and EURO have not agreed on that winter storm so...
... it's a fluid situation.

Wind Probs:

A good map of this is on Hurricane City Website.

Shows how Alex may thread the needle.
The eye of the needle being the Azores.

I enlarged the map which is easy to do.

2015 brought a hurricane to the Cape Verde Islands.
2016 has a subtropical storm aiming at the Azores.

What next?

Well being that it's winter... 
...winter is going to suck this little puppy straight up into the Atlantic

sat_ir_enh_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Track Map from NHC

Check back later for more information.

Sweet Tropical Dreams Alex..



Alex has sailed from near Florida...  by the Bahamas... the Azores and now wants to do Greenland.

Welcome to the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season


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