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Monday, January 11, 2016

Alex? 40% Orange Updated! David Bowie Dying. Why Subtropicals in January are NOT Unprecedented.

That is an early visible of what may be named Alex.
Tightly wound. Almost eye like feature.
Beautiful... spinning far away out in the ocean.

Monday Afternoon NHC gives it 40% chances.

Bottom line is IF it gets far enough SE it could become tropical.

Good water vapor loop below shows how far away it is.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

2 weather stories here.
Winter makes his move.
Alex may be forming in the Atlantic.

The thermometer is dropping all the way down to South Florida.
Yet.... we are watching tropical loops and wondering.

We are also waking up to the news of David Bowie dying.
More on that later, weather first and music second.

I want to stop something before it begins here.
The myth of "unprecedented" 

Tropical like storms have formed always in all months of the year.
The wind is wild in all seasons.
Though often in El Nino transitional times... 
we find storms forming in odd places.

1938 January track for a storm.

1954 caught this image of Alice up close and personal.
Tight little eye there.
December 1954 - January 1955

Note a picture from last night of ??Alex?? below...

Compare and contrast... 
Tho sort of reversed if you ask me.

2003 April storm Ana was photogenic.

What was called the GROUNDHOG DAY STORM

Wikipedia below.
Good read. Don't roll your eyes we all do wikipedia.
Like Coca Cola and BBQ potato chips.
Even when we are trying to eat healthy...

And............winter is back and tough as ever.

2016 brought us winter.

All the way down to Miami it's below 80.
When people from up state New York tell me "it's cold out there"
I giggle. 
Torn between two lovers.
I love Miami. I also love the dream of snow.
It needs to be cold for any real snow worth talking about.
Or flakes melt fast on a warm Carolina pavement.

So as El Nino begins to slide down from it's high peak.
We wonder what will next year bring....
What will the 2016 hurricane season be like...

Let's play it day by day.

Let's listen to some music.

Let's wait for the powers that be to decide if this is Alex or it is not.

I'll be back in a while. Updating in real time.

Now let's talk on David Bowie dying.
It's always transforming when an icon dies.
We all have our own icons. 
I respected him for his creativity.

Hey the man released a new album as he was fighting cancer.
He kept on creating. Transforming.

I'd say he was from a time before me.
Yet my grown kids loved him.
To appeal to music lovers of all ages...
... music is ageless indeed.

What I love about art is how it evolves.
Like the weather.
David Bowie back at the beginning. 1971.

The man evolved and evolved and never stopped playing music.

That's an artist.

For now.. listen to the music.

Yes. David Bowie is dead.

Interesting tidbit... he was 69..... like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

Eat healthy, only binge a bit ;)
Dance to the music.
Loop those loops.

Besos BobbiStorm

Storms are like people.
They all have their day.
They all fade away.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)


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