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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spicy Warm December. Hurricane Season 2016 & Some El Nino Hurricane History. Treasures from the Sea in Florida.

Hate to admit it but Drudge called this correctly!
The weather is suddenly the news story.
Winter takes a holiday in the Eastern Half of the Nation.

Look carefully as I drew a blue line around the temps in the 50s.
A spate of 70s there as well.
These are Sunday evening temperatures.

Note temps stay warm for the next few days.

Easy to see El Nino's signature in this warm December.

Remember this El Nino has not behaved very normal so far.
As I said since the beginning.
Rather than LA getting slammed by storms ....
....Washington and Alaska are getting slammed.
Though Northern California getting snow ...

sat_wv_west_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Again remember:
El Nino's are like Cabbage Patch Dolls.
No 2 are the same.

Today in Raleigh it hit 75 degrees.

The windows were down as we drove around town.
Sandals, short sleeves and short skirts.
Heaven for December.

Note how far West the frost and freeze line is...
...okay Maine and New England but not much else.

As for El Ninos that may be similar in ways to this year?
Let's look at 1991 an El Nino year.

72 degrees in Raleigh that year. 
Similar to this year.

Everyone keeps asking me what the 2016 Hurricane Season will be like...

It's impossible to say just yet as it's too early to tell.

We look for signs, parallels and analog years.
1991 was an El Nino.
It killed off the first part of the 1992 Atlantic Hurricane Season.
But then the El Nino died off and it was a season to remember.

A weak season. 
Bob traveled the East Coast.
Grace danced in the ocean.
A Perfect Storm formed
A ship went down ...
Andrea Gale

It was followed by 1992 ...
Of Hurricane Andrew fame.

The 2015 Hurricane Season was a weak to average season.
Affected greatly by El Nino.
All those perfect waves that went flat and couldn't develop...
...all those yellow lines in the Atlantic!

Also featured Category 5 Hurricane Joaquin.
A strange blend of features in the Atlantic.
Flooding in Charleston.
"Fire Hose" from far away Joaquin.
A ship went down....

Spoiler alert. 
Everyone died and the cargo is gone... 

Imagine it will eventually pop up somewhere.

Oddly cargo from another ship owned by TOTE is washing ashore.
Strange year for shipping disasters...
TOTE also owned the El Faro . . .

Hmnnn 75 degrees in St. Lucie and DC? 
Hmnn . . .

Treasures from the sea... 

What do you want to see the ocean deliver to your neighborhood beach?

What type of weather do you want?

Some people want summer in December.
Some people want snow ... a White Christmas.
Some people want to go storm chasing... 

No two El Ninos are the same.
1927 brought record temps to NC in December.
It was not an El Nino year.
But 1928 was one heck of a Hurricane Season.

When we see how this winter plays out... 
....and how this El Nino delivers.
Then we will get a clue what the Hurricane Season will be like.

Til then.... 
Take a walk on the beach if you live in Florida.
You never know what you may find.

And if you live in places where it shouldn't be 70 degrees in December.
Enjoy it. It won't last.
Nothing lasts forever.
Not even El Ninos.

Besos Bobbistorm


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