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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reality WXR Show? Jim Williams Blog Up on Hurricane City. What Makes a Real Meteorologist? Trust, Getting It Right!

In the absence of any real tropical weather.
This is what weather people are talking about today.

Shame its not a real show on weather.
A well written sitcom or drama.
A forensic meteorology show.

A new one for CSI... 
There is such a thing as forensic meteorology.
There's an idea for a real drama!

No.... it's another Reality TV Show.

Mark Burnett, creator of reality TV shows that are not very real...
.... has a new show.
(big surprise right?)

As we are all tired of Dancing with the Stars 
And people stuck in a jungle somewhere...

(ratings are down)

He has turned to the wonderful world of weather.

I'm sure many will watch.
Many will love it.
Many will think it's stupid.

Personally I'm not a big fan of Reality TV.
For me it's not very real or entertaining.
Real life is entertaining. 

Carrie Underwood is entertaining.
Glad there was American Idol on that count.

Maybe it will inspire kids to be meteorologists?
Maybe it make weather people cool again like Twister did back when...

Or maybe most of America will be on NEXTFLIX
Millennials are not watching trust me...
There are more Millennials than Baby Boomers..

Demographically this is for old timers.
Old timers watch The Weather Channel
(Sorry Jim & Dave it's true...)
Watch the commercials.. find the demographics.

You know I'm a bit surprised TWC doesn't show movies 


Truth is I hope it inspires kids to grow up and be REAL weather people.
Amateur, hobbyists, professionals on air or off...

With one of the judges being Barberie...

I doubt knowledge of weather is going to be high up on the qualifications.

Hey it's not gonna be Chorus Line.
Only time will tell ...

More afraid it's gonna be a matter of  matter of this...

Note not my usual video but explains it well
Despite the honest language..

Got to be honest... 
2 days before Hurricane Andrew.

Channel 7 I believe had this beautiful weather girl.
Her hair was always perfect.
She wasn't Bryan Norcross... 

Every time they went to her she was staring in abject horror ... the satellite loop.

The loop next to her kept showing Andrew bearing down on Miami.
She could barely speak.
She looked like a deer stuck in the headlights.

You know what?

No one remembers her... 
She's somewhere I'm sure.

Her hair looked perfect but she could not get the words out.

Everyone remembers Bryan Norcross.

He's not exactly Mister Personality.
(sorry but true)
He's exacting, a perfectionist, serious and loves getting it right.
That is what you need in a weather person

You know who inspires me?

Jim Williams from Hurricane City.
He has a blog now on his site. 
Well written look into a real weather person.
A true meteorologist, be it amateur or professional.
He spends more time doing weather than many mets I know.

He has a blog. A good one.

I'll write on this more another day.

I just want to put it out there.
To be a good meteorologist you have to get it right.
Jim gets it right often.

You have to be able to talk and walk when a Cat 5 is on the map.
Bryan can talk... we learned that in 1992...

Nice to look good and have personality.
Nice to have a degree.
Many on air Mets get a degree online .. by the way.

Many meteorologists work for private industry and the government.
No one judges them based on their boots.
That said I think I have those white boots.

I studied meteorology.

My major was International Relations.
My second major was English.
I graduated with honors.
I was offered a job with the CIA.
Wasn't really for me... 
I got a job writing about International Relations.
Doing political analysis.
Wrote a lot of press releases... 

Weather affects International Relations.
It affects everything.

You going to drive to the beach today or stay inside doing laundry?
Check your weather app... I guess.

Oh... funny.

In a world where the news and weather are being replaced by Apps...
They are doing a reality TV show on getting a job on air.

In truth... my kids get their weather from APPS.
Or they Whatsapp me.. 

Something to think on..

Besos Bobbi

Ps... TBS ..HA what a blast from the past.
Used to watch that when I lived in LA in the 80s...


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