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Monday, June 22, 2015

Derecho and Tropical Waves

2 things here worth noting.
Derecho in the Midwest moving ESE
Tropical Wave flaring up in the islands.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Putting the above in motion . . .
The water vapor shows that the wave is on the dirty side of an ULL.

This is the wave I've been watching for a while now.

See the NHC watches even when there is no public discussion.
It's there in the Tropical Atlantic Discussion

Note going to the San Juan Tropical Discussion

Note the above discussion talks on WAVES.
The lead wave is firing up on the dirty side of said ULL.
Then...after SAL makes the sunsets pretty.
The next tropical wave moves in..

The models do not speak on tropical development.
The GFS "suggests" ... some instability.
Some tropical rain.

Note the Atlantic High looks like Carmen Miranda on over drive.

Nothing much is forecast to happen here.
Things can change.
But for now this is about the ULL moving west...
The tropical wave following the ULL

This ballet plays out every week in the tropics in June and July.

Key West Forecast Discussion

 My concerns here in the tropics are that these waves keep coming. Tropical waves ride the same air flow patterns as the SAL that moves west coloring the sunset and creating breathing problems. A developed tropical system such as a hurricane is not caught up in the low trade winds. But, as long a you have waves this viable to make it from Africa to the Caribbean, you have to keep looking East wondering what else could happen later in the season. El Nino or not.... if the water gets hot, the MJO weighs in and there is a tropical wave with a low pressure system attached we could have a problem.

As for the derecho. It's not a tropical feature but its one heck of a weather maker.

Note the derecho is a stronger system than the much talked about remnants of Tropical Storm Bill.

The derecho is moving ESE and has already caused damage across many states with winds approaching 90 mph moving faster than a speeding bullet.

I'm wondering what July 4th will bring...

Meanwhile the Miami kids are in NC dealing with a heat wave ... 
"Feels like 103" in Fayetteville today...

Heading south soon again.

If you live in the path of the derecho pay attention to changing weather!

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

You can see both features on the loop above.

Keep watching.

Summer weather of any kind can be strong.
Tropical or otherwise.

Besos Bobbi

Ps Definition of "derecho" for Dave...


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