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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Great Divide... Boston Snow

There are two stories currently that are all the rage in weather circles right now.

1. Boston officially broke the record of the most snowfall "since recorded history" which would lead one to think maybe back since the Middle Ages or the days of the Tower of Babel. In reality that means since 1872, after the North beat the South and told them "no they can't leave the Union" but before the Spanish American War.

If I hear one more person talk on how unprecedented this snowfall was I may lose it totally. I mean Lord have mercy can we move on now..........fine, they broke the record. Enough already. I'm pretty sure that at some point in history before we started taking records there has been more snow. I'm pretty sure that during the Ice Age when the Finger Lakes were being carved out... there was more snow in Boston. 

It's a lot of snow. I get it. Really.

2.  The line going North and South up the mid part of the country that creates the Great Divide between way too cold and "isn't this a nice warm winter??"

Another view of this..
... up close and personal

Can't think when I saw such a division.

In theory in a few weeks winter is over.

So that's it... as a third story that we should be talking about ... let's look for a minute at the destruction Pam has wrought in Vanuatu.

(ummm I do shop there a lot. I actually own that top in black...)

A small chain of islands dealing with death, destruction and an overwhelming clean up ... 

To understand this map better as well as what is going on in the environment.

Let's look at that map at the top of the page again...

See how warm the water is where Pam turned into a catastrophic cyclone.

The Pacific needs a rest.
And so do I. 

We all need a rest from winter.

Well, all being those on the East of that line... 
.. not my kids in FL... 
partying in the sunshine :)

For the rest of the country....
it's a dream...
we are possessed by a crazy winter.. 

Across the Great Divide...

Besos Bobbi


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