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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gone Fishin... In Key West. Rosetta Stone Touches Down

I know.. I've been away for a week.
I've been on hiatus?
No.. I've been on vacation in South Florida.

I've been in Key West a lot.. 

Staring at places where my Great Grandparents lived... behind this garden gate on Whitehead Street.

I'll be back tomorrow sometime with lots of weather information and ideas of where to go in Key West if you love weather, science and nature. 

Been going through things with my brother. My mother passed away this year and there are a lot of boxes of her writing, pictures and notes. Visiting with the family and my friends who are like family. Walking and wandering up Whitehead Street...down Simonton Street. 

Watching sunrise... an underrated joy in Key West that most visitors sleep through. It's way better than sunset, though sunset is nice too. The weather has been cooperating. Last time I was in Key West in was in the 90s... August... humid, hot and almost unbearable. This has been stunning weather. Clear blue skies with a constant breeze and almost cool nights.

When I say "almost cool nights" I worry on how I will acclimate again back to Carolina weather. If I am cold in Key West with a cool breeze of the bay at night how am I ever gonna do North Carolina?

Either way I'll be back tomorrow with information on Polar Vortex Round 2... the remake.

And... while I've been wandering in Key West... the Rosetta Stone touched down on a comet in outer space. Awesome amazing if you ask me.

Besos Bobbi

Ps..Thanks for your patience. When things get quiet tropically... you got to go back to the tropics.


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