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Thursday, October 23, 2014

K9 Dog HURRICANE Saves the Day... Stops newest White House Fence Jumper

Crazy day in news yesterday. The bigger news story in the meteorological world was some of the satellite feeds were broken. Models work off the satellite feeds. Good thing there were no big Category 3 storms out there about to ramp up to Cat 4 like Opal did...

Opal then....

Hurricane_Opal_03_oct_1995_2012Z.jpg (1200×1300)

Now in the GOM or... we think now.

Story and pic from Washington Post.

What a beautiful world from way up above....

As for TD9 it was written off as it lost it's spin as it moved inland over the Yucatan. Stay tuned for what will happen in a day or two or three.

Honestly, the weather is still there and it's all headed to the Florida Keys. The good part of this is that hopefully it will be gone by the weekend and the sun will come out and shine on Fantasy Fest. As my friend often says... rain and body paint don't go together well.

Check in often if you are driving down or hanging around down there the next few days. The rain's name may be BOO!

BIGGEST Hurricane news of the day yesterday is that a K9 dog named HURRICANE was one of the two dogs that helped stop the latest fence jumper. Not to go political here but explain to me please how on a day when there was a terror attack in Ottawa across our boarder in the capital of Canada protection at the White House was not ramped up? I don't care if you lean red, blue or purple this is pathetically nuts but thanks to HURRICANE and his pal

You can't make this stuff up..........

Crazy news day yesterday. A terror attack in Ottawa, where my oldest daughter lived for a while before returning to the States, held center stage on the news all day. A 3 month old baby was killed in Israel by another lone wolf terror attack as a terrorist drove across lanes of traffic into a train/bus in Jerusalem... horrible story. An old close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I'm a bit numb and in shock. She has a large beautiful family, grandchildren and our kids and grandchildren have been hanging out for years since we met years back in Minnesota one summer.  So.. a bit out of it today. 

But.........promise ya all that I'll get you a pic of today's most famous hurricane..the K9 dog that helped stop the fence jumper and was slightly bruised up from his ordeal. 

Take care and keep watching the skies... hopefully the gremlins or hackers or just the plain ole mercury retrograde that is holding the weather satellites hostage will be gone poof later today.

Oh...and speaking of the heavens. There is an eclipse today.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... if you can say a prayer for my friend Miriam ...for her and her large extended family I'd appreciate it. Do a good deed... give charity somewhere... send good energy and say a prayer.