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Friday, October 24, 2014

Hurricane Dog. Anniversary of Wilma FLL says they are ready for Ebola. Really?? Don't think so.... Invest 94 in Caribbean. Lesson in how to make coffee...and life.

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Let's start at the very beginning. As the song goes's a very good place to start.

The above area shows the remnants of Tropical Depression #9 that has already been given a new Invest designation. If it was to reform would it be #9 or #10 one wonders. Not sure of the philosophy of renaming something that is obviously the same entity.

Most basically I can show the discussion put out by the NHC that seems a matter of fact sort commentary to basically say "nothing happening" or as some would say "stick a fork in it" if you know what I mean.

800 AM EDT FRI OCT 24 2014

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

1. An area of cloudiness and thunderstorms centered over southeastern
Yucatan, Belize, and the adjacent northwestern Caribbean Sea is
associated with the remnants of Tropical Depression Nine. Surface
pressures are rising in the area, and redevelopment is unlikely
while the system drifts eastward.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...low...10 percent.

Forecaster Avila"

So is this a low calorie meal that started with an appetizer and never made it to main course let alone dessert? Possibly.

Let's take a look at it. Note it is finally about to come off of the Yucatan.

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

My issue about issuing any specific comments on this area is that really it's too soon to tell.

Easy money is on it being too late in the season.. too little too late. Hanna may not find love at the nursing home.

There is shear. It's late in the year.

Sometimes a system gets trapped down there as high pressure to the north of it from a deep Caribbean cold front and it sits and percolates. For those of you who do not know what a peculator is... shame. They were fun to watch. When I was really little before I thought a Mr. Coffee Maker was as exciting as I now think my Nespresso is.. you put a percolator on the stove (a lot like a real Cuban espresso maker) and you waited for steam, pressure and heat to built up and little bubbles would peculate.

Lots of prepper videos explaining how to make coffee on a gas top if the power goes out. Mind you this is actually a really GREAT video to watch in ways as IF you ever have a bad hurricane and your grill is still working and you were smart enough to get a grill with a burner on it.. this is how you make coffee after a hurricane.

Before Mister Coffee was born and Joe DiMaggio showed a nation how to make a faster, better cup of Joe we had percolators. Before there was instant coffee...there was one basic way in a "modern kitchen" to make a cup of coffee. Before Starbucks............there were percolators.

You are asking "Does Bobbi Storm really want me to watch a 9 minute youtube video?? Seriously??"

Yes. You know why? Because that is how a tropical storm or hurricane develops. Slowly, in real time.

You need the right upper level environment. You need hot water underneath. You need steam to rise and clouds to move out and a center to develop and pressures to drop and the winds to pick up. Cheat sheet for gamers you can go to around 5:45 and you can see it the bubbling up in the little glass knob thingie.

An even better and faster youtube video that explains it more like a hurricane is one on how to make a good cup of Cuban Coffee on your stove top.

I have done that by the way. Be careful with that release value....

Being honest. I stock up on these before a hurricane or ice storm or snow storm. Sorry, but after Hurricane Andrew I learned there is more to hurricane supplies than water. Warm coke and canned coffee feeds my need for caffeine when dealing with no power, water or cable... no phone, no computer... I need caffeine.


Will something develop in the tropics?

Maybe... if pressures can drop. Note IF you watched the Cuban Coffee video you will hear him say the following:

You build up the bottom reservoirs with cold water.
Heat the water up which creates steam which builds up... and forces the water to...

Watch it... think how a hurricane forms. Very similar.

Cheet Sheat go to 8:11 ...oh wow look at that cuban brew...

Unless of course you want an Instant Hurricane. does this taste.

Can you taste it? Feel it in your bones? Maybe...

You may be watching old hurricane movies until next August if this trend continues.

Or.. something in the Caribbean could go BOO for Halloween.

Models are not even worth showing and you can see them at

As for South FL Weather. This says it all.

"A low-pressure system has brought heavy rain and gusty winds this morning in Miami-Dade.The National Weather Service issued a significant weather advisory for Miami-Dade County. Two to three inches of rainfall has been forecast, with some localized street flooding.
The low-pressure front is expected to pass early in the afternoon.

Read more here:
"A low-pressure system has brought heavy rain and gusty winds this morning in Miami-Dade.The National Weather Service issued a significant weather advisory for Miami-Dade County. Two to three inches of rainfall has been forecast, with some localized street flooding. The low-pressure front is expected to pass early in the afternoon.
Check for updates."

Read more here:
Sounds like rain to me. Not organized but rain.

But hey on today in History Hurricane Wilma was hitting South Florida. So maybe enjoy the rain guys...

I'll be back if anything happens tropically. You really don't want me to tell you what I think on Ebola and how prepared South Florida is for it. Ft. Lauderdale officials said they are a sure the prepared to handle it. Lots of luck.. they are trying in New York to track down everyone the newest Ebola patient came in contact yesterday when he went for a 3 mile run, went out to a restaurant...after taking the A train, the I train L train to a bowling alley in Williamsburg from Harlem. This was all within 12 hours or less of him vomiting, getting 103 fever and would think somewhere in there he may have begun to sweat. Note.. he took the subway down but was obviously too tired to take it back so he went Uber.

No South Florida wasn't really prepared for Wilma... not then and probably still not so not so aye yai yai excited and no I don't really feel better. There is no reason to panic on Ebola, but to respect it and it's power to spread is something important. There has been a lax, denial attitude that it could not come to America. Seeing how people travel around the world by plane these days... "HUH?"

Ft. Lauderdale can't even handle a heavy day of rain they think they are fricking fine and dandy for Ebola?

Stay safe, go about life and be happy and know that it is not easy to be infected by a random Ebola carrier.

But if you have been in Africa treating Ebola patients and feeling sluggish and running a low grade might be a good idea to hunker down for a few more days and watch some old videos or play video games... push ups at home vs a 3 mile run around the park..........  Stay home if you are running a low grade fever as he was yesterday before it went viral...

Note in the same way that it takes time for a hurricane to form.. it takes time for Ebola to show up in your system words...did they really think one temperature check at JFK was going to show ebola slowly coming to life in his system?

Oh well... no words. Not sure who is singing...but good movie moments from The Graduate. Love that line..."look around you, all you see are sympathetic eyes"   a lot of that going on today.

Enjoy music..and pics...  music and comedy may be needed to get through the news today.

(something sounds does all of our talk on how prepared we are for home grown terrorism and for Ebola)

Dear Humanitarian Doctor...

It was very kind of you to go and try and help stop Ebola in Africa. I have great respect for volunteers. After a few days of feeling sluggish you really should have just stayed home, ordered in and waited a few more days before going all over New York City. 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Pics as promised of Hurricane and Jordan who tackled the latest Fence Jumper. They had to go to the vet. They were bruised as you may not have heard this but the suspect punched, kicked and tried to beat off the dogs. Luckily security got there finally. Shame the dogs didn't stop the hatchet wielding suspect in the subway in New York.

There's your hurricane on the left.........


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